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Twin Turbo Ford F-150 Takes On Modified Chevy Camaro: Video

Those that love a good, fast, heavily-modified Ford F-150 pickups have been entertained on multiple occasions by the folks at Hoonigan via their This vs That series, with such machines taking on everything from a heavily-modified Mazda RX-7 to an 1,150 horsepower Subaru WRX STI to a 900 horsepower Audi S4. Now, Hoonigan is back with yet another high-horsepower Ford F-150 – this time, of the twin turbocharged variety – which it recently pitted against a Chevy Camaro pumping out a whopping 1,800 horsepower.

Twin Turbo Ford F-150 Takes On Modified Chevy Camaro - Exterior 002 - Rear

This time, however, the race doesn’t take place at Hoonigan’s own piece of tarmac, but rather, Texas Motorsports Park, a legitimate drag strip in Ennis. As one might imagine, this 2020 Ford F-150 regular cab short bed pickup is no slouch, as it’s packing a heavily modified Ford 5.0L V8 Coyote powerplant with a sleeved block, a pair of Precision 7475 turbos, headers, and a host of custom parts like the intake. However, the stock 10-speed has been replaced by a built TH400 in this case, which is necessary since this combo cranks out 1,500-1,600 horsepower.

In the other lane, we have a 1971 Chevy Camaro that’s packing a 5.3L V8 with a pair of turbos itself, albeit on a stock block with a two-speed Powerglide gearbox backing it up. However, it’s also equipped with goodies like Kraken heads and it runs on alcohol, with less weight to push around than the Ford F-150 – not to mention an output of 1,800 horsepower on full boost with a shot of nitrous.

Regardless, the first race is quite close as the Camaro wins by just a couple of car lengths, though its owner claims that he lost a cylinder on the way. Despite that, the two press on and line up for a second race, and the Camaro once again wins by a slim margin. However, it’s worth pointing out that the Ford F-150 has a full interior and isn’t quite the stripped-down, dedicated racer the Chevy is, which makes this result all the more impressive.

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