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What’s This Ford Everest Convoy Doing Testing In Michigan?

Though it isn’t terribly uncommon to see Ford models that aren’t sold in the U.S. being tested around or near the automaker’s Dearborn headquarters, these are usually one-off sightings. However, when it comes to the Ford Everest, that particular SUV was originally spotted in Michigan back in 2018, and prior to the debut of the current, redesigned model, Ford Authority spotted a left-hand drive Ford Everest in Dearborn back in 2021, as well as early 2022. Now, Ford Authority has once again come across not just one or two – but this time, an entire convoy of Ford Everest SUVs testing in Michigan, too.

It’s somewhat difficult to discern just what sort of Ford Everest models we’re looking at here, but we do know that one of them is a Titanium trimmed example, based on its door badging. However, it’s accompanied by a rather unusual looking model with a black grille that looks to be a Sport – though it’s lacking an Everest badge on the hood and Blue Oval badge in the grille, both of which are present on the production version. That model also looks to be riding a bit higher than the other two, and is equipped with black, sporty wheels and more aggressive all-terrain tires, which are flanked by black fender flares.

As for the third model in this Ford Everest convoy, it seems to be an XLT, though again, it’s difficult to tell. Regardless, every model in this trio is a left-hand drive variant, and the Sport and Titanium are equipped with the 360-degree camera system. Each of these SUVs is also equipped with PEMS hardware – or the Portable Emissions Measurement System – which are designed to measure emissions levels emitted by vehicles as they operate in real world conditions.

It’s entirely unclear why this group of Ford Everest SUVs would be testing in the U.S. – a market in which the SUV isn’t currently sold – though Dearborn is obviously the site of FoMoCo’s headquarters. We’ve seen numerous non-U.S. market Ford models being tested stateside in the past, and this doesn’t necessarily mean that the Everest is destined for the North American market, either.

Regardless, it is certainly notable that Ford is indeed testing not just one or two, but rather, three different Everest SUVs in the states, if nothing else – particularly since this is the fourth time we’ve spotted the automaker doing so in recent years.

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  1. Harry

    I’d like to see the Everest offered in the US. It would be a nice way for Ford to offset some Bronco sales to people who don’t need all the off road features of the Bronco. I’d like to see a low end utility trim AWD 4 or 5 seater.

  2. Roger

    Ford needs something to replace the outgoing Edge.

    1. Joe

      Exactly. Everest w/ AWD and PHEV would keep the Canadian auto workers busy for a long time.

      1. Jane

        Can’t be built in Canada and generate a profit…

  3. KK

    Is the Everest body on frame and based on Ranger? If so it will be a perfect substitute to the over pricing new 4runner.

    1. 19BULLITT

      Yup, it is.

  4. Tigger

    Don’t worry. This is a vehicle a lot of Americans would like to buy from Ford so it’s not coming here

  5. N

    Wouldn’t get too excited about this. I saw a new Edge running around as well. Does not mean its coming here.

  6. Kevin

    Ford needs some updated design this is crazy boring like let’s get some youth injected. Lincoln has more style and look at their age demographic

  7. Dylan

    The Explorer we should have instead of east we got. Would be great to see it go back to it’s roots.

  8. Vincent

    To make a ton load of money, run Michigan Assembly three shifts by adding the Everest for North America. Make it a hybrid as base.
    It may cannabalize some Explorer but it would give ford another great vehicle in their SUV line up

  9. Jack

    At what point do they have the market flooded with compact SUVs? To bring another vehicle to the US lineup that’s just like everything else they sell will only lead to them competing with their own models. They should offer what Henry Ford had with the model T, an inexpensive car that’s reliable. Isn’t that how Toyota took over America’s sedan market? They keep making them bigger/faster and pricier, but I don’t see trucks with steel rims anymore, and most have bigger cabs for families… there aren’t any workhorses left.

  10. Tony

    As a happy Ranger owner I would immediately get in line for a 3 row Ranger based SUV. I have long admired the Everest. Maybe for the North American market Ford should put a Bronco grill on it and call it the Grand Bronco or Bronco Max. It would certainly expand the Bronco sub-brand in a more interesting direction than the Bronco Sport.

  11. KW

    Ford needs to bring this over

    1. Robert Bracey

      They’ll never fully replace the edge. I had an SE in 2018 and found that vehicle to be the best vehicle over-that I’ve driven. Imho it is the best vehicle ford has produced. I haven’t owned a Lincoln.

  12. PC74

    If it comes to the States, they will take my money


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