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1,200 HP Ford Mustang Races 1,500 HP Nissan GT-R: Video

Hoonigan’s This vs That video series has brought us some seriously entertaining drag (and off-road) races over the years, typically between two very different kinds of vehicles that share little alike. One thing that is pretty common in these matchups, however, is that both vehicles participating in them are usually heavily modified and crank out serious horsepower, and that’s once again the case with this newest This vs That showdown featuring a heavily fortified Ford Mustang.

Twin Turbo S197 Ford Mustang VS Nissan GT-R Drag Race - Exterior 002 - Front Three Quarters

Fresh off pitting a wild first-gen Ford Mustang against a modified Ford Falcon, a Bronco II against a race buggy, and a twin-turbo Ford F-150 against a purpose-built Camaro, the Hoonigans are back with yet another compelling matchup, this time, featuring an S197-generation Ford Mustang and a Nissan R35 GT-R. Both of these cars are about as far from stock as one might imagine, each cranking out well over 1,000 horsepower, in fact.

The 2012 Ford Mustang seen here makes 1,200 horsepower from its LS-based 5.3-liter V8 from Texas Speed that’s fitted with twin turbos and is mated to a Powerglide transmission. In the other lane, we have a 2016 GT-R making 1,500 horsepower from a fully-built twin-turbo 4.1-liter stroker mated to a six-speed automatic. In spite of its power advantage, the GT-R weighs around 800 pounds more than the pony car, however, so it should make for an interesting race.

That isn’t the case in round one, however, as the Ford Mustang rockets ahead to a sizable lead before nearly crossing the line at the top end, though it holds on to take the win. Thus, the GT-R gets a two car lead for round two, though the Mustang still reels it in and takes a very close second straight win. It’s pretty clear that the pony car is the superior machine here, in spite of its big power disadvantage – unless the owner is being a big conservative with his estimates, at least.

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  1. Chris

    It’s not a Mustang if it doesn’t have a Ford logo stamped on its valve covers. Ford power only please!

  2. Ronald Hopkins

    It’s not a Mustang. If it’s an LS swap. I prefer not to see any vehicles with any engine except Ford.

    1. Andre

      Completely agree. That car has no place on this platform.

  3. Shelbykl

    This is a FORD site we are not interested in a LS engine Mustang hope it looses. It is not a Mustang without its Ford engine. Who ever the editor is needs to be fired.

  4. H Palmer-Ball

    Us Ford folks don’t want to hear or see anything about an LS anything in our Cars Ford is our brand. Not GM or Foreign anything in our cars. Not interested in that crap.

  5. Stalkbroker94

    Of all things to put into a 2012 Mustang GT that CAME WITH A COYOTE, you choose an LS? Lazy.


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