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2.3L Ford EcoBoost Builder Kits Revealed

Currently, Ford only sells one EcoBoost powerplant in crate engine form – the turbocharged 2.3L I-4 EcoBoost, which is available in a wide variety of Blue Oval vehicles these days, including the Ford Ranger, Ford Bronco, Ford Mustang, Lincoln Corsair, and Ford Explorer. As Ford Authority reported nearly two years ago, the automaker isn’t planning on expanding that list either, even though it offers a broad array of V8 crate engines in the Ford Performance catalog. However, it has now added a trio of 2.3L I-4 EcoBoost builder kits to that same catalog.

These new 2.3L EcoBoost builder kits are sold in three different combinations, each containing a different array of parts that are designed to make it more convenient for those that want to replace their tired old inline-four powerplant. The first is sold under part number M-9001-DKIT1 for a retail price of $9,500, and includes a new 2.3L crate engine, along with a Ranger 4WD automatic transmission and gear shift assembly, shift cable, transmission cooler, cooler hard lines, and breather tube, an unflashed PCM, a flexplate and bolts, accelerator pedal, oxygen sensor, A/C compressor and belt, an intercooler sensor, blow-off valve seal, intake air temp sensor, and various brackets and hardware needed for installation.

Next up, we have part number M-9001-DKIT2, which includes the same crate engine and most of the same components, save for the transmission. This kit does include a Focus RS pressure plate, clutch disc, and flywheel for those that want to mate it to a manual gearbox, and retails for $5,725. Lastly, part number M-9001-DKIT3 retails for $5,600, and instead of the Focus bits, includes a Mustang clutch and pressure plate assembly.

These new packages join a host of newer V8 crate engines that have recently been added to the Ford Performance catalog as well. Those include the fourth-generation 5.0L V8 Coyote Aluminator and regular powerplants of that type, as well as the supercharged 5.2.L V8 present in the 2024 Ford F-150 Raptor R.

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  1. Ford Owner

    These are obsolete before they were fabricated. Electric motors can supply more power at lesser volume and weight

    1. Plains States Patriots

      Uh-oh… careful!
      You’ll have the haters out in force with their torches and pitchforks.
      Electric = BAD, petrol = GOOD.
      Just ask ‘em…..they’ll make sure you know what a heretic you are, though what you wrote is truth…..

    2. Leon

      Until you have to add the battery….

    3. TheLumpyOne

      Lesser weight? Have you looked at BEV curb weights?

  2. Shaun

    Would love to see a compatible model with the ford focus st and rs series. Would be awesome to swap out the 2l eco boost for a 2.3l eco boost and get an upgraded clutch in the process. Evern some 2l parts wouldn’t go amiss as the engine has its issues

    1. TheLumpyOne

      A built 2.3 Focus RS powertrain in a beater Fiesta would be an entertaining daily driver.

  3. Stalkbroker94

    Just as it is foolish to be needlessly hateful towards EVs, it’s foolish to be needlessly hateful towards ICE vehicles. Let people buy what they wish and may the more intelligent win over time.


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