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2019-2020 Ford Fusion Energi Buyback Program Revealed

Roughly one year ago, a recall was issued for 14,452 2019-2020 Ford Fusion Energi (PHEV) models over an issue with the battery energy control module (BECM). In those models, the BECM may become damaged due to excessive voltage and current flow, which could lead to a loss of drive power or a fire, increasing the risk of a crash or injury. At that time, Ford noted that it didn’t currently have a remedy for this problem, and asked owners of affected Ford Fusion Energi models not to charge their vehicles in the interim.

Shortly thereafter, a Ford spokesperson explained to Ford Authority that “lowering the battery’s state of charge will reduce the risk of power loss and fire around the vehicle’s battery control module, which is located in the trunk.” Now, however, The Blue Oval has launched a buyback program for affected Ford Fusion Energi models as it continues to work toward a remedy for this issue.

This buyback program offers customers a statutory refund of the vehicle’s purchase price, less a reasonable allowance for depreciation. This amount is based on the fair market value of the vehicle, plus a 15 percent premium, and doesn’t include the cost of any modifications made to the vehicle after it was originally sold. Customers interesting in taking advantage of this program have until July 1st, 2025, to do so, which is when sufficient quantities of high voltage batteries are expected to be available for final remedy repairs. Those interested in getting an estimate for their vehicle can do so by heading over here.

For those that prefer to wait for a new battery, Ford is still asking them to refrain from charging their vehicles. Once parts become available, they’ll be notified by mail, at which time they can take their Fusion Energi to a dealer for a free replacement. In the meantime, owners can also have their dealer temporarily disable plug-in charging, which eliminates the possibility of an internal high voltage battery failure.

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  1. Mick1

    I almost bought that POS used last year.

  2. ProDigit

    Such bs!
    Ford isn’t going to make replacement batteries. Never intended to. All they need to do, is disable soc above 80%, or find a way to severely limit charge current above that.

    Ford knows Fusions (energy or regular hybrid), come with an Achilles heel, which is the battery. They can just take the hybrid portion out, and ship the vehicles overseas to be sold as regular cars. Ford Fusions are known to be the most reliable (although also the least repair friendly) vehicles on the market, save for the battery.

    With lower lithium prices, they could easily fix the fusion hybrid batteries issues of premature wear. These batteries don’t even last 100k miles before a noticeable degradation in power. They could easily replace the 1.4kWh hybrid packs with slightly larger Lithium iron packs, that last longer, work better, are cheaper, and even can have a larger capacity.

    1. John

      You must be thinking of the Hybrids. The Fusion PHEV’s come with a 9KWh battery.

  3. Will

    I’m actually going to let them buy mine back. 2019 Energi, owned since 2018, 108,000 miles. I got it for the HOV lane, which the HOV sticker expired in 2023, so there’s no need for me to keep it. My battery didn’t even last 35k before I noticed it started to degrade. Then I had to pay $4k because the high voltage cable connector came off (while I was driving). The buy back said $13k, I’ll take it!

  4. Eileen Fitzpatrick

    How do I get started on the buy back process ?

  5. Philippe Charbonneau

    The buy back process work in Canada ?


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