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2020 Ford Escape Hybrid Among CR’s Used Cars To Avoid

Though the Ford Escape has long been a popular model among new and used vehicle shoppers, not every model year is created equally, as is the case with most automobiles out there. Some have their own unique quirks and known issues, while others are far more reliable and mostly trouble-free, which includes the 2021 Ford Escape. In fact, Consumer Reports highlighted that particular crossover as a used model to avoid recently, and the 2020 Ford Escape Hybrid also made the very same list, too.

The 2020 Ford Escape Hybrid made the cut on Consumer Reports‘ list of used vehicles to avoid this time around, rankings it derives using data from a variety of sources. Those include its Annual Auto Surveys submitted by owners, which notate any problems those owners have experienced with their vehicles. In that case, every vehicle on this list has much worse-than-average reliability compared to the rest of the pack.

Aside from having been subjected to a dozen recalls since its launch, the 2020 Ford Escape Hybrid rands dead last among 14 vehicles in its segment from this same model year, though at the time, Consumer Reports lumped the regular model and hybrid together, which is no longer the case. Regardless, the 2020 Escape has a reliability score of 27 out of 100 possible points, with the most common issues being interior squeaks and rattles, faulty fuel gauges, and problems with the infotainment screen going blank or freezing up.

In spite of all this, the 2020 Ford Escape Hybrid and its regular ICE counterpart remain two of the most popular vehicles among used shoppers, according to a previous Consumer Reports study. The consumer organization also recently named the Escape as one of its top hybrid options priced between $35,000 and $45,000, too.

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  1. Kary

    No idea on whether this is a good vehicle or not, but CR is not a good source of automotive information.

  2. Kevin

    I’ve had my 2020 Escape hybrid since new. Zero problems or issues with it. Outstanding gas mileage. Really like mine.

  3. Jim )

    consumer reports is and has been biased against domestic cars. I am a true Ford guy, that is the only car I buy. People always comment and my response is simple. I’m 70 years old and have never had one cause me troubles other than a routine repair or some minor warranty work on a new car. If I get a bad one, I’ll buy something else.

  4. Mike K

    I drove my hybrid for three years and just under 34k miles. Except for the foot operated tailgate that had a mind of its own I have no complaints. Averaged 41 mpg. Sold it to CarMax for only $2000 less than I bought it for. They sold it used for what bought it new for.

  5. Steven Ring

    Have a 2020 Ford Escape Titanium Hybrid, turning 20,000 miles and its been running good … close to 40 mpg. .. there was a problem with the screen freezing but the software update fixed it.. no car is perfect … got the best Ford extended warranty for that reason

    1. Cigna

      Let me know how its running after 100,000 miles, 150,000 miles. 95% of new vehicles will experience no problems at the 20,000 miles mark.

  6. Cigna

    All Ford/Lincoln models new and used should be avoided, since under Failure Farley, Ford’s quality and reliability is the same as Alfa Romeo’s. There is a 90% chance a new Ford/Lincoln product will be recalled at least once. The recall will involve a safety issue.

  7. Douglas Smith

    I have a 2020 going on 360.000 miles getting 41 MPG oil changes, break pads and drive it like I stole it no problems. Never had any issues with any of the Fords that I have owned

  8. Shawn Rosvold

    I have a 2020 Titanium hybrid. Besides the recalls, I have not had any problems. I like the car and the gas mileage. I believe the CR article was probably written by AI, and based its rating on the recalls which seemed to happen in a short period of time.

  9. Roemmelt

    My 2021 Escape Titanium Hybrid is a jewel! 45 mpg, and a great ride. I’m skeptical of the research model CR used. How can a car be the worst to buy used, and be the top in sales?? It might be that many 2020/2021 owners are keeping them because they love them.

    1. JK

      Important to know – the Escape is not even close to be a best seller as a NEW vehicle…

      Used is a different story, depreciation has hit it pretty hard so people approach it with a blind eye, a similarly equipped RAV4 will cost thousands more used than a Escape…


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