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2025 Ford Bronco Sport Badlands Spotted Without Camo: Photos

After debuting for the 2021 model year as a more rugged type of compact crossover, the Ford Bronco Sport is now in its fourth model year of production, meaning that it’s time for a handful of updates. Those are expected to arrive with the debut of the refreshed 2025 Ford Bronco Sport, and Ford Authority has spotted prototypes of that revised model on multiple occasions to date. However, now, we’re getting our first look at a 2025 Ford Bronco Sport Badlands, specifically, wearing no camo whatsoever.

2025 Ford Bronco Sport

While not a massive departure from the current model, this 2025 Ford Bronco Sport Badlands does feature a few notable updates that we can see in these photos. Up front, the headlights look to be slightly tweaked compared to the existing units, which is also true of the front bumper and what looks to be an integrated skid plate of some kind, giving it a bit of contrast. The presence of tow hooks tells us that this is likely a Badlands-trimmed model, as it’s currently the only one in the lineup that comes with that feature.

2025 Ford Bronco Sport side

Moving down the side, we can see a brand new wheel design and an interesting set of tires – which are Goodyears, rather than the 235/65R17 Falken Wildpeak all-terrain rubber that’s on the current Badlands model, though they are the same size, at least. This particular model sports a 360-degree camera system, and out back, a revised rear bumper with the same sort of integrated skid plate as the front.

2025 Ford Bronco Sport rear

This is the first time we’ve seen a 2025 Ford Bronco Sport of any kind completely undisguised, as a pair of previously-spotted prototypes from last November and this past February were clad in heavy camo. Regardless, we do know that this mid-cycle refresh will bring about not only a few exterior styling updates to the newer model, but also, some interior revisions that include the addition of a larger infotainment screen.

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  1. JB

    so slap a couple plates front and back and call it a refresh? LOL….
    I hope this is not it.

  2. Z71surg

    Not much different but definitely looks more rugged than the current one.

  3. Dwayne D

    Looks exactly the same

  4. Dwayne D

    Too much money being spent on hybrids and EV’s. Get used to it, gas vehicles are the industry’s red headed step child

  5. Bronco Billy

    I hope the ’25 Badlands has more ground clearance than the ’24. The Badlands has been shown to outperform its competitors off-road, mostly due to getting better traction. However, some of its competitors (like the Forester Wilderness) have better ground clearance. I hope Ford gives the Badlands another .5″ of clearance, so that it can tackle rougher trails.

  6. JohnG

    Decision-Day. Every ICE SUV/Truck needs a Hybrid version which achieves 30 to 60 MPG. Maverick showed the way.

  7. Virginia

    Really need the Bronco Sport back seats to fold completely flat so you have a completely flat cargo area — I’m still holding onto my 09 Escape Hybrid ( 95K miles ) because the cargo area is 100% flat — looked at the 2024 Sport – waiting to see the 25 hybrid versions.

  8. EM1

    The interior plastics seriously need to be upgrade given the price they charge.


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