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2025 Ford Expedition Makes Small But Significant Change

Over the past several months, Ford Authority has spotted a handful of 2025 Ford Expedition prototypes out testing, revealing a few changes in store for the soon-to-be-refreshed full-size SUV. These include, as expected, some exterior styling updates that mimic those present on the 2024 Ford F-150 and 2025 Ford Explorer, specifically, but there’s also a small – yet significant – change present here that is also quite notable.

That change pertains to the rear wiper on the 2025 Ford Expedition, which has clearly moved from the bottom of the rear window to the top. As we can see in these prototype photos, it’s pretty obvious that this change has taken place given the fact that the rear wiper isn’t visible, but it also brings the Expedition in line with a number of other models that also have top-mounted rear wipers – such as the redesigned 2024 Lincoln Nautilus and GM’s current generation of SUVs.

2025 ford expedition

Along with the 2025 Ford Expedition, its more luxurious counterpart – the 2025 Lincoln Navigator – looks like it will follow suit and relocate its rear wiper as well. In addition to this minor yet notable change, the most recent 2025 Expedition prototype sighting reveals yet another update for the big SUV – a new taillight design, which looks a lot like the ones present on the GMC Yukon, interestingly enough.

In addition to these changes, the 2025 Ford Expedition is set to receive a few more updates, as Ford Authority has outlined over the past several months. Those include a rather large set of 24-inch wheels, the aforementioned new taillight design, and an overall rear aesthetic that’s somewhat Ranger Rover-like. Inside the cabin, the 2025 Ford Expedition is also getting some updates in the form of a revised design, a new infotainment screen, and even a coast-to-coast screen setup.

Additionally, as Ford Authority exclusively reported last week, the 2025 Ford Expedition is also set to offer a split liftgate out back, which means that there will be a lower and upper section that open independently of each other, meaning that one could gain access to the rear cargo area by simply dropping the lower section, or tailgate. It’s currently unclear if the 2025 Navigator will follow suit and also offer that same feature, however.

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