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2025 Ford Maverick And 2024 Acadia Have Similar Front Ends

Over the past several weeks, Ford Authority has spotted a number of 2025 Ford Maverick prototypes out testing, including several that aren’t wearing any camo whatsoever. This has revealed the biggest change present to the exterior of the refreshed compact pickup – its somewhat controversial front end design, which has drawn its fair share of criticism from fans thus far. However, the front end design of the 2025 Ford Maverick is also quite similar to a couple of other existing models, oddly enough.

One of those models is the 2024 GMC Acadia, which just debuted last September as an all-new Ford Explorer rival. As we can see in these photos comparing the two models, both feature the same type of wraparound LED signature and headlight shape, with the bumper eating into that space somewhat. Even the grille shapes of these two models are similar, which is indeed both notable and interesting.

There’s also some family resemblance here between the 2025 Ford Maverick and the refreshed 2025 Ford Explorer, at least in terms of the shape of the front grille and bumper area – not so much the headlights. The Explorer’s headlights are slimmer and feature an LED signature that doesn’t protrude downward nearly as much, but the Blue Oval DNA is still clearly present here.

In recent weeks, Ford Authority has spotted a host of 2025 Ford Maverick prototypes, including an XL finished in Eruption Green, an XLT with what appears to be the Black Appearance Package, and a Lariat wearing some truly sporty and unique exterior features. Each features a slightly different front end design, which is the biggest change present on the refreshed pickup, but there are others in store as well.

In addition to these exterior styling updates, Ford Authority also spotted a 2025 Ford Maverick prototype with both AWD and hybrid badging recently, signaling that FoMoCo may offer that particular combination on the compact pickup for the first time.

The 2025 Ford Maverick is potentially set to gain some sort of sporty variant or optional package as well, which has been previewed by the aforementioned Lariat prototype. Additionally, back in March, Ford Authority spotted a 2025 Maverick prototype interior with its touchscreen uncovered for the first time, revealing what looks to be a unit that’s far larger than the one currently present in the same model – and quite possibly the same 13.2-inch touchscreen that’s found in some other Blue Oval models currently.

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  1. whypac

    Not even close. The Acadia front end does not have Spongebob’s silly grin and buck teeth starring at you.

  2. Dust

    Not even close. The Maverick is getting the generic Ford front end. GMC has been copying Ford for se time

  3. CJ

    And not pretty!!
    the 2024 looks better

  4. RichG

    They don’t look alike.

    Who would look at these and be confused about which one was the Ford? NO ONE.

  5. - -

    Not even close. The front end of the new Maverick more closely resembles the pre-refresh current-gen F150.

  6. Ed

    Brett that is quite a stretch making that comparison. Must be slow news day and you needed an article to release.

  7. Michael

    This whole article is laughable, considering that a lot of newer vehicles from different manufacturers look similar. This one is a big stretch, unless you squint. But wait reconsidering, they both have the grill in the center, headlights and turn signals on the front corners, and it looks like fog lights mounted on the lower fascia on both. They ARE the same car.

  8. Roger

    Is Ford deliberately trying to slow the sales of the Maverick ???? I just don’t like the new front of the Maverick !!!!!!!!!!

    1. Kevin James

      Agree 100%.
      Glad mine has the original front-end design.
      This “refresh” is awful, looks like a half-assed attempt, merely”change-for-the-sake-of-change”.
      Even worse, this revised Maverick’s nose looks more like all the other generic, cookie-cutter, crossovers on the market…it’s no longer “trucklike”, which I suggest has been a huge part of its desirability.

  9. TOM

    Does the maverick have a speedometer


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