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2025 Ford Maverick Spotted With Eruption Green Paint: Pics

Over the past several months, Ford Authority has spied a number of 2025 Ford Maverick prototypes out testing, giving us a sneak peek at the forthcoming refresh for that compact pickup. Thus far, the 2025 Ford Maverick looks primed to receive a few exterior styling tweaks – most notably, up front – as well as at least one big change inside the cabin. Now, Ford Authority has spied yet another 2025 Ford Maverick prototype out testing, revealing some more interesting details about that particular model.

This 2025 Ford Maverick is a base XL model wearing a familiar set of steelie-style wheels, but perhaps most notably, it’s finished in Eruption Green – a color that’s offered on various other Blue Oval models already, including the Ford Bronco Sport that’s built alongside the Maverick. Unlike previously-spotted 2025 Ford Maverick prototypes, this one has a different headlight setup lacking the LED signature that we’ve seen to this point, though the front grille and bumper designs are quite similar to what’s been present on some other prototypes.

Another notable feature present here is the independent rear suspension, which signals that this is likely an all-wheel drive model. There’s no hybrid badge present on the tailgate, though late last month, Ford Authority spotted a 2025 Ford Maverick prototype with both AWD and hybrid badging, signaling that FoMoCo may offer that particular combination on the compact pickup for the first time.

In addition to these exterior updates, the 2025 Ford Maverick is potentially set to gain some sort of sporty variant or optional package, which has been previewed by both camouflaged and completely uncovered prototypes over the past couple of months. Additionally, back in March, Ford Authority spotted a 2025 Maverick prototype interior with its touchscreen uncovered for the first time, revealing what looks to be a unit that’s far larger than the one currently present in the same model – and quite possibly the same 13.2-inch touchscreen that’s found in some other Blue Oval models currently.

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  1. Peter

    Still don’t like the new SUV looking grill. I think the reason ppl love the Maverick IS bc it looks like a pint-sized truck; NOT an SUV (ala Santa Cruz)

    1. Pipipipi

      Agreed. With the new lights and grille it looks more like a ‘25 ford explorer rather than a compact member of the truck family.

      I also still don’t understand the aesthetic of that u-shaped flat panel under the grille. It looks like an afterthought that was just stuck on.

    2. Greg


  2. Dwayne D

    The last minute add on plastic front end treatment is horrible. Looks like a bean counter after thought. Imagine someone getting paid big money came up with that? Then approved by yes men Excecutives.

  3. Mike TowpathTraveler

    I can’t recall anyone commenting on the good looks of the redesigned front grill and headlight assemblies. Ugly is the word that comes to mind. My hope is that Ford reconsiders what they’ve done and comes back with the original front end design for the 26 and onward model years, cause this is really a big step backwards on what otherwise is a winning small truck design.

  4. Xplorguy

    Well, at least the people who have been asking for Eruption Green will get their wish…

    1. Lurch

      Right? That headline isn’t the Flex (sorry) they think it is: technicolor yawn?

  5. Al

    The dealer finally got in a Maverick Lariat I ordered months ago. Fit and finish inside is terrible, OK for a $25K truck but not for a $38K Larat. Also crappy screen and nav, no auto dim rear view mirror or auto wipers for the highest priced mode/. I hope Ford improves the interior, at least on the higher end units.

    1. Smitty

      Sad when you pay all that money for crappy quality control… 🙁

  6. mike s

    Wow, guys, take it easy on Fomoco, they will learn eventually. I mean, they’ve only been around 121 years.

  7. Jay Patel

    When the heck are they coming out with an ST model that’s all I’m waiting for.

  8. Mackie

    Peanut gallery commenters who wouldn’t buy the old one or new one and aren’t in the market for a compact pickup weigh in with their 2 cents on ‘styling’. LOL!

  9. Shelbykl

    I own one and that front end is not in anyway good looking that trim piece around the grill is just plain ugly! Come on Ford you can do better should have put the super duty front end on it mini super duty would have been so much better.

  10. cynthia durden

    hope we get nicer colors on the ford maverick a pretty red or blue or teal color. not crazy about new green,

  11. Tony B

    And the winner is ; the Ugly 2025 Maverick ” New Front End. ” This seems to be the comment over-load. Hopefully, Ford will change this before it happens !!!


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