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2025 Ford Mustang GTD Sounds Amazing During Cold Start

The 2025 Ford Mustang GTD just made its official European debut this past weekend at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, though the new supercar has already been testing at Germany’s Nurburgring as it attempts to lap that iconic circuit in less than seven minutes. There, European customers are getting their first in-the-flesh look at the brand new Ford Mustang GTD, but as it turns out, we’re also being treated to a our first cold start of that same model, too.

This skin-tingling, hair-raising performance comes to us from Jay Ward, who is the Global Director of Ford Performance Motorsport communications. Ward posted a short clip of the Ford Mustang GTD starting up after sitting for a while, and needless to say, it sounds pretty amazing. Even better, we get to hear the car’s supercharged, 800+ horsepower 5.2L V8 revved up a couple of times for good measure.

The Ford Mustang GTD seen here looks just like the Carbon Series model that was unveiled last week, which features Chroma Flame paint along with additional aero bits and pieces, the Performance Package, and the Lightweight Package, which helps it shed a bit of weight. These goodies join a few that have been revealed as of late, including the GTD’s unique in-car suspension “window” that we just got our first look at a couple of weeks ago.

European customers can currently apply for the chance to purchase a Ford Mustang GTD after the application window just closed in the U.S. and Canada late last May, though the new pony car will be a bit pricey at more than $300k to start. In the meantime, the GTD’s European tour will continue at the upcoming 24 Hours of Spa and the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

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  1. Dennis

    There’s one story after another about the GTD that 99% of the readers to this forum will never see or could afford. Maybe FORD should spend more advertising money on the regular EcoBoost or GT. In addition, FORD should make Mustangs more available. I’ve been searching for a GT Mustang for a month. Dealers that have cars that have been setting on lots since last fall because they are missing a common option like Active Exhaust, or a wheel package, blue calipers instead of red, crazy color combos etc. Ford has many shades of gray that have been on the lot for a long time. I asked a dealer about ordering a car and was told that there could be constraints on my order, and I may see the car in the Spring if I order now. I guess FORD doesn’t care if they sell cars. I’ve owned 7 Mustangs. It’s very disappointing.

    1. Stalkbroker94

      It sounds like a problem on your end or just that specific dealership and no, buying a product does not entitle you to specific treatment, my special snowflake.
      Fun fact, there’s absolutely no waiting period if you buy a used Mustang and you spend less money. But that doesn’t seem fo fulfill the rather immature “I want it now and I want it new” mentality that a lot of boomers seem to have, even worse than younger generations.

  2. Mark B

    Maybe it’s the dealership that your working with? I had a friend order a 2024 GT Premium w/Performance Package from a dealer in Florida and it took about five weeks from order, but it came in as he ordered it. I don’t know why the dealer should matter in this equation, but maybe it does?

  3. John

    I ordered my ’22 Mach 1 from Kelly Ford in Melbourne, FL with no issues. The dealer/ salesperson may try to discourage buying directly from Ford because they are loosing out of some fees. The salesperson gets a small commission though.


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