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2025 Lincoln Navigator Rear Wiper Relocation Mimics Nautilus

Over the past few months, Ford Authority has spotted a number of 2025 Ford Expedition and 2025 Lincoln Navigator prototypes out testing, each wearing less and less camo as the time ticks by. This has given us a good idea of what we can expect from the forthcoming refresh for each of these large SUVs, including a handful of notable exterior updates. Now, it seems as if we’ve uncovered another interesting change in store for the 2025 Lincoln Navigator, specifically.

That change is the fact that the 2025 Lincoln Navigator will feature a rear wiper that’s located at the top of the rear glass, rather than toward the bottom, as is the case with the current model. This change mimics what we’ve also seen on 2025 Ford Expedition prototypes, as the wiper has disappeared, basically – instead, it’s now housed neatly up top and out of sight, at least until it’s activated and in use.

Aside from the 2025 Expedition, it’s worth noting that the redesigned 2024 Lincoln Nautilus also features a top-mounted rear wiper, and this is just one of several Nautilus-style influences present on the 2025 Lincoln Navigator, both up front and in the rear. As Ford Authority reported last week, one of the biggest changes present on the refreshed Navigator is its split liftgate, which is also present on the 2025 Expedition. It consists of lower and upper sections, enabling users to lower the bottom portion like a tailgate, much like a pickup. This would allow owners to gain access to the rear cargo area without opening up the upper portion, similar to how the rear glass functions on the current model, albeit with a few added benefits.

In addition to these notable updates, the 2025 Lincoln Navigator is set to receive a variety of other tweaks as part of its refresh. That list includes the addition of a full-width light bar up front, 24-inch wheels, as well as a coast-to-coast display inside the cabin, a feature that has become increasingly common in luxury vehicles in recent years – including some Lincoln models sold in other countries, like the Zephyr, as well as the new Nautilus.

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  1. Arx

    Aviator has had this since 2020 also.

  2. Cigna

    MSRP will increase by $5,000 for 2025 MY, sales consistently less 20,000/year for 16 consecutive years, why is this unprofitable, unreliable vehicle still around?

    1. Ronald Keith

      Every time the Navigator starts selling well Ford raises the msrp and it kills sales.

  3. Chris Miller

    Why don’t you just be honest and say that the Navigator and Expedition wiper location now mimics the GM SUV’s which have had the wiper blade in that location for the last 15-20 years. Ford has been mimicking GM’s SUV’s for years and they still can’t touch them in sales. GM outsells Ford and Lincoln 3 to 1 and always has. Can’t beat “em so join them, huh? 😂

  4. Thomasthetomas

    Either that’s a very big SUV or that’s a very small man driving it.

  5. Jt

    Ford needs to bury Lincoln and get over it.

    1. JoshJ

      No, Ford needs to give Lincoln exciting product that we want to buy. This translates to exciting cars, coupe and convertibles and not boring 1940’s styled SUV’s

      1. Elizabeth

        Always find it odd that you get people in the comments demanding certain vehicles get made, yet whenever automakers DO make them no one buys them


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