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Australian Ford F-150 Owners Will Be Compensated For Delays

Back in March 2022, The Blue Oval announced that the Ford F-150 would be heading to Australia, where a third-party company called RMA Automotive in Mickleham, Victoria, completes the right-hand drive conversion on those pickups. However, that process almost immediately hit its first snag via a delay, and since then, the Australian Ford F-150 has been plagued by recalls – leading to more than one stop-sale. However, it now seems as if patient Australian Ford F-150 buyers will at least be compensated for this wait

According to CarExpert, the current stop-sale on Australian Ford F-150 pickups is being lifted, and all of the truck’s issues have apparently been rectified – many of which were simply regulatory problems pertaining to the Australian government, specifically. Ford will disable the F-150’s Zone Lighting feature and recalibrate or replace certain lighting features to ensure that it adheres to Australian Design Rules (ADRs), and customers who ordered or took delivery before May 29th will be offered up to $2,500 in compensation for those that keep their truck, or, if they choose to return it, they’ll get a full refund – depending on the circumstances.

Those totals vary based on the trim and configuration one purchases – XLT Short Wheelbase customers can get $1,000 back, while the XLT Long Wheelbase is eligible for $1,350, the Lariat Short Wheelbase for $2,150, and the Lariat Long Wheelbase for $2,500.

Aussie Ford F-150 buyers have faced a rather large number of issues since the pickup was announced for that part of the world, including a stop-sale related to a turbo problem with the 3.5L V6 EcoBoost powerplant, a recall for a faulty steering intermediate shaft, another recall issued over airbag woes, a third recall pertaining to non-compliant side direction indicator lamps, a stop-sale over an undisclosed issue, and another stop sale pertaining to the aforementioned lighting issue that prompted yet another recall.

2022 Ford F-150

In Australia, customers can choose from either the XLT or Lariat trims, in both short- and long-wheelbase form. However, only one engine choice is available – the twin-turbocharged 3.5L V6 EcoBoost. Pricing for the popular pickup starts out at $106,950 AUS ($69,998 USD) for the XLT, while the Lariat touts a sticker price of $140,945 AUS ($92,234 USD).

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  1. Roger Stewart

    It’s good to see all these stops are getting fixed before I’m ready to purchase this fantastic vehicle.

  2. Cigna

    The Australian public is not aware of the endless Ford recalls in America and the lousy service Ford gives after the sale. Ford F-150 owners in Australia should go to court and demand $10,000.


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