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Donut Media Puts $8,000 Body Kit On $500 Ford Ranger: Video

The folks behind the Donut Media YouTube channel purchased a rather beaten-up, high-mileage Ford Ranger back in early February, and since then, have been hard at work transforming it into a proper desert racer. As one might imagine, this is no easy or inexpensive task, and in fact, DM has spent a significant amount of money buying up fancy kit and installing it on their compact pickup over the past few months. Now, the expense list has grown yet again, this time, to include a body kit.

Donut Media Ford Ranger Desert Racer Built Bodywork - Exterior 002 - Rear Three Quarters

This latest expenditure adds another $8,000 worth of goods to the future Ford Ranger desert racer, and includes things like widebody fenders, along with LED lighting and fire extinguishers in the event that things go south. Once those parts are installed, the plan is to give the Ranger a fresh wrap job to cover all those new body components, which is sorely needed since this older pickup’s paint has certainly seen better days.

Once that process is complete, it’s safe to say that this Ford Ranger looks nothing like it did just a few months ago. Sitting up high and wide on a set of massive tires, a giant front skid plate, and loads of LED lights, its exterior appearance finally matches the pricey kit that lies underneath that new skin – which is pretty notable on its own accord.

Thus far, this Ford Ranger build consists of $15,000 worth of suspension upgrades, $5,000 in beefy brakes, an $18,000 interior, and a $50,000 engine. With the finish line clearly in sight at this point, it’s almost ready to cut loose out on the sand, where we imagine that this wild build will perform quite well – so long as the crew doesn’t experience any mechanical issues along the way.

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