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Extremely Rare Shelby Cobra Has An Incredible Story: Video

The Shelby Cobra is an incredibly rare and legendary vehicle. Odds are, if you see one out on the road, it’s a replica, not a “real” example, because original models often go for millions of dollars. In fact, one sold for $2.6 million a few years back. The originals live sheltered lives, quite literally, and one such Cobra tucked away in Los Angeles with a fascinating backstory that was recently showcased online.

Hagerty details the story of this fascinating vehicle on its YouTube channel. This white Shelby Cobra was purchased new by jazz musician Herbie Hancock. After earning royalties on his song “Watermelon Man,” Hancock visited a dealership in search of a new daily driver, and after dealing with a racist salesman, he drove out in the Cobra. Hancock, now in his 80s, is possibly the oldest owner of an original Shelby Cobra, and the only one still living to boot.

What’s particularly interesting about this vehicle is the fact that it was only the sixth Cobra built – it’s known as CSX2006. That means that Carroll Shelby himself never actually participated in its assembly, as he didn’t have a shop at the time of its production. It was actually built in Pittsburg by Ed Hugus.

Under the hood, this vehicle is certainly no show car. It’s got some light corrosion, evidence of its life as a daily driver instead of a perfectly preserved specimen. It’s estimated to have 245 horsepower, which may not seem that impressive, but as the story goes, this vehicle blew the doors off a Ferrari in a drag race with Miles Davis. Davis told Hancock to get rid of the Shelby because it was clearly dangerous, but Hancock refused, and still owns this well-loved piece of Ford history to this day.

Check out the full story of this Shelby Cobra in the video below.

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