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Ford BlueCruise Reaches New Milestone As Tech Proliferates

Customers are enjoying the benefits of Ford BlueCruise, the automaker’s semi-autonomous driver assist feature, out on the highways. At this same time last year, BlueCruise users had racked up approximately 70 million miles, and now that figure has almost doubled as Ford owners leave the driving to their vehicles.

Ford CEO Jim Farley broke the news on social media, proclaiming that Ford BlueCruise users have now traveled over 200 million miles with the semi-autonomous tech active. For reference, Farley explains that this figure is “farther than a round trip from Earth to the Sun.”

“Keep sharing your BlueCruise stories, especially with summer road trip season kicking off,” Farley says.

There’s plenty to keep customers engaged with BlueCruise, thanks to BlueCruise 1.3, which debuted last year on the Ford Mustang Mach-E. The update built on existing features in Version 1.2, which includes Lane Change Assist, Predictive Speed Assist, and In-Lane Repositioning, Version 1.3 helps drivers stay engaged in hands-free mode longer, including around curves and in narrow lanes, up to three times longer than 1.2.

BlueCruise utilizes a continuous learning loop to facilitate improvements. This system constantly compiles data from customers who opt into sharing the information. Collected data includes things like the type of vehicle being driven, a user’s geographic location, and the specific use case, such as stop-and-go traffic or those that engage in long road trips.

The proliferation of BlueCruise can also be attributed to expanded availability across The Blue Oval’s lineup. The 2024 Ford Expedition, for example, recently gained the tech on additional trims, making it more widely available to buyers of the SUV. Looking ahead, even more vehicles will feature BlueCruise across their lineups, including the refreshed 2025 Ford Explorer and its cousin from the luxury side of things, the 2025 Lincoln Aviator.

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Alexandra is a Colorado-based journalist with a passion for all things involving horsepower, be it automotive or equestrian.

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  1. Bill

    Most of us do not have Blue Cruise 1.3 yet. The promised update is months behind due to issues with other items in the vehicles. Many owners need to have powerup 6.1.4 installed prior to Blue cruise 1.3 can be downloaded.

    1. Boomer

      Howdy Bill, and you are driving a ??????? Why can’t FORD send out the 1.2 to the 2022 ++ F-150 OWNERS? Is it Not Possible???

  2. whypac

    I like the photo of the Darwin Award Winner with no hands on the steering wheel cruising down the road next to the Semi as if the Semi will not drift into his lane.

    Whenever I’m cruising down the highway with one hand on the steering wheel, whenever I come upon a Semi, instinctively both hands are on the wheel. Semi’s ALWAYS drift within their lane, and only the good Semi drivers are able to keep the Semi in their lane. Add some wind, all bets are off.

  3. Donald Kaercher

    When is my 2022 F150 Lariat getting the 1.2 upgrade from the current 1.0 level?????? Ford keeps saying “someday…….”

    1. Boomer

      Hi Donald, Ken here. I have a 2022 F-150 LARIAT that is LOADED, this thing was $87K ++ Out the Door. I have the Original 1.0 Also. I have called Numerous times to the FORD Customer Service, then they COP OUT and Transfer you to the BLUECRUISE / OTA SIDE OF THE HOUSE??? And here’s what they Told me a “FEW TIMES”???? 1). It’s coming (over a YEAR AGO)??? 2). They Drug me over the Coals with stupid questions about having the Truck Set up “Correctly” to Receive the Updates, (which I do have set up “Correctly)”, I’ve been getting Stupid stuff sent to my TRUCK that I can’t tell anything has changed??? Some stuff with the Radio Sound??? I can’t tell anything at all, Then some Silly Door Lock / Approach or some Garbage that again I can’t tell anything has Changed??? Then the Real Kicker, The OTA Customer Rep suggested FEW things, 1). The Newer Software is “ONLY FOR THE MACH E’S” and LIGHTNING’S??? Stupid! 2). If I wanted the Newer / Newest Software that I would have to “TRADE IN MY 2022 F-150 for a NEW 2023/24 F-150”??? Say What, I’d have to Buy “ANOTHER NEW TRUCK” To get the New 1.2 1.3 1.4 Software??? Are you Kidding me???? Then lastly 3). Take it to the Dealership and ask them to Update it??? Which I asked them when they were trouble shooting my Transmission Issue, and Installed a Complete New 10R80 Tranny. The service writer said to me……. There are No New Updates for my 2022 F-150??? That’s what I have been told now ever since i have had the TRUCK??? It’s Absolutely Unacceptable for FORD to Treat it’s Existing customers like this. We are leaving Sunday on a 1200 MILE Trip, I can use the Bluecruise in a Strait Line, That’s the only way it really Works, Otherwise it’s a HOT MESS with the 1.0 Software, Literally not Worth the $1995.00 We PORKED out at the Purchase Date!!!! FORD….. What a JOKE, y’all should be ashamed of your silly Tactics!!!! Awful, Just Awful!!!!! Still waiting for an OTA Update to FIX the Dumbness!!!

  4. Tom

    I had blue cruise on my 2022 Expsdition Platinum until it quit. My dealer says I cannot get it again until after October!?!?
    I can get a different brand of vehicle next time I buy…in October.

  5. Boomer

    Trade in your F-150 Mr. Davis, That’s the “ONLY WAY” that you will be able to get any of the Newest Software???? Ya RIGHT…… I’ll just RUSH down and Trade in our 2022 F-150 To get the Blue Cruise Updated???? Are you FREAKING SERIOUS????? That’s from the OTA Hot Line at FoMoCo. Where Quality is JOB ONE??? Where Quality Goes in Before the Name Goes On??? Get outta Here you CLOWNS, Just get you A _ _ es In Gear and STOP Making Stupid Excuses! Truth Be Known?????? They don’t have an IT person that can handle this OTA Stuff. Go HIRE the Guy from RIVIAN, Or LUCID Or TESLA!!! They seem to be able to send out Updates to the Self Driving Feature’s, Why can’t FORD Do it????

    1. Rick_816

      I agree with you. I have a 2023 Lincoln Corsair GT with BC v1.2. I love the tech, but desperately want it updated to the latest and greatest. I will NEVER pay for a software subscription where the software doesn’t get updated. It better happen in 2024 if I’m going to stay satisfied and stay a Lincoln owner.


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