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Ford Capri EV All But Confirmed In New Teaser

While Ford has pushed back its EV ambitions for a more balanced approach, it recently launched the Ford Explorer EV in Europe and is about the officially debut its closely related sibling next month. Based on an oddly obtuse ad recently published in a car magazine, it seems that the upcoming vehicle will be called the Ford Capri, which would represent the revival of a nameplate familiar to European car shoppers who will probably be able to purchase the new model later this year.

Ford Capri EV teaser

According to CarExpert, the ad claimed to come from an outfit called Comeback Cars, which stated that “we bring back icons to their legendary status, rewired for a new era. With 55 years of knowledge, our teams have restored 1986 classic coupes. We promise to return your car fast, back from its glory, EV-ery time.” This somewhat cryptic statement seems to reference the first generation Ford Capri, which launched 55 years ago, while also acknowledging 1986, the year Ford stopped producing the third generation model. The ad also encouraged readers to message Ford’s WhatsApp for more information, which resulted in outlets receiving two teaser images.

The Capri was sold globally but was most popular in Europe. Additionally, Ford imported the Capri into the United States and sold the coupe at Lincoln Mercury dealers before switching to a coupe based on the Fox Body Ford Mustang. Ford later built a quasi-successor in Australia for several years before retiring the name. Ford will likely keep the new Capri in Europe.

Based on previous sightings of the Ford Capri prototype, the EV will likely be positioned as a “coupe” or sport variant of the Explorer EV, which boasts a more traditional crossover design. The Cologne Electric Vehicle Center recently began mass producing the Explorer and will likely start assembling the Capri by 2025. It would mark a return of the nameplate to Cologne – which produced the Capri coupe through 1986. Both vehicles utilize the Volkswagen MEB platform, which came out of a comprehensive agreement between the two automakers to produce vehicles for each other. The duo initially represented the company’s early push to completely electrify its European lineup, but that pivot is now on ice in favor an approach that includes hybrids.

The upcoming Ford Capri will most likely utilize the Explorer’s battery packs and motors. At launch, the Explorer features a 79 kWh dual motor all-wheel drive powertrain rated at 250 kW (335 horsepower) with a targeted 566 kilometer (352 mile) range. A 77 kWh rear wheel drive model will eventually join the lineup. Ford will officially reveal the Capri on July 10th.

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Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

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  1. JE

    Again, like with the Mustang, Ford is purting Capri badges to a boring crossover. Ford should stop doing that nonsense with classic names. Better don’t resurect those cars and use another name to those boring SUV’s or crossovers. I was expecting something like the Capri was: a sports coupe. Instead, Ford produced a make believe Capri.

  2. John Cross

    As a Ford Dealer for 30 years calling an SUV a Capri is just sacrilege. Please Ford don’t do it!!!! Learn from the Mustang mistake.

  3. Rick

    Well said, John!

  4. Martin Scott

    What were they thinking? The car is a four door crossover. Capri is a fast back coupe. There’s still time to change the name to CORTINA

    1. Mark Woolley

      How very dear you, my wife is so not happy with that comment, i myself am currently on the floor in tears, 🤣😂, she is a cortina lover and i am a capri lover, its and ongoing joke in our house. I feel i will pay for laughing later. 🤣😂

  5. Jack Danielson

    Wow. Who could have guessed. Another crossover.

    Thanks Gen X for starting this god awful trend in the 1990’s and letting it get so bad we literally can’t buy sedans or 2 door cars anymore.

    oOoOh the Isuzu Vehicross is so funky and so unique and so different they said. Now every car on the road is some goofy looking little Crossover.

  6. Stuart Brear

    I will reserve judgement until I see the reveal but I will say this, the first generation Capri of the 1970’s was a great looking, fun to drive little sport coupe, especially the Cologne produced 2.0 and 2.6 litre cars. I and many friends owned these cars and autocrossed them during our years of ownership. I purchased my 1971, 2 litre, brand new from the dealership where I worked.
    I now own a 2021 Mach E that is a terrific machine and it looks like an homage to Mustang heritage. I hope the new Capri will do the same.


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