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Ford Escort MK1, Ford RS200 Continuation Models Announced

As Ford Authority reported back in March, FoMoCo filed to trademark “Ford RS200” and “RS200” with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) recently, signaling that the automaker was working on bringing back that specific nameplate, which donned a truly revolutionary, homologated road-going machine created so that it could go Group B rally racing many years ago. Now, we know precisely why that happened, as the Ford RS200 – and Ford Escort MK1 – will live on via new continuation models.

This project is being spearheaded by Boreham Motorworks thanks to a new licensing agreement with Ford that will enable it to build these continuation models, including with the Ford RS200. That particular rally racer will be reborn via a new, ground-up build, right alongside a new version of the Ford MK1 Escort – itself a bit of a rally legend. Both models will utilize the same blueprints as the originals, albeit with some tweaks and continuation VINs.

For now, Boreham Motorworks hasn’t revealed too many details about these continuation models, save for the fact that both will be updated in certain ways compared to the originals, and both will also be produced in very limited numbers. Customers who purchase one will also receive an exclusive, invitation only membership to The Boreham High Performance Club as well. The Ford MK1 Escort is set to make its official debut later this year, and it – along with the RS200 – will be joined by at least five other iconic Ford models over the course of this series.

“We are thrilled to embark on this journey with Ford Motor Company and kickstart a series that will redefine and remaster these icons of the past,” said Darren McDermott, Executive Chairman, DRVN Automotive Group, the parent company of Boreham Motorworks. “We aim to redefine automotive innovation and push the boundaries in terms of driver engagement and design. Our shared commitment to this incredible project will create an outstanding analogue driving experience and leave a lasting legacy for the true petrolhead.”

These new Ford RS200 and MK1 Escort continuation models will give a select few the chance to own newer versions of a pair of legendary models, which have been a favorite among more than one celebrity over the years. However, they’ll join an already crowded list of similar continuation builds – most of which are based on first-generation Ford Mustang – though a company called MST Cars began building brand new MK2 Escorts back in 2021 as well.

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    I hope Ford doesn’t spoil any of both models making them boring SUV’s or crossovers.


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