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Ford Expedition Production Decreased In May 2024

Production of the Ford Expedition – as well as the Ford Super Duty and Lincoln Navigator, which are built alongside each other at the Kentucky Truck plant – all faced plenty of adversity last fall after the United Auto Workers (UAW) walked out of that facility amid the union’s targeted strike. However, things quickly bounced back to normal after that situation was settled and assembly lines were humming along again. Through the first part of 2024, Ford Expedition production has been on the rise for the most part, but that hasn’t been the case over the past two months, at least.

Ford Expedition at the Kentucky Truck plant increased by a whopping 43.6 percent in January, 1.8 percent in February, and around three percent in March. However, things turn a turn in the other direction in April, when Ford Expedition production declined by 807 units or just over eight percent, to 8,999 units.

This trend continued in May, according to Ford’s latest sales report, as Ford Expedition production declined once again – this time, by 277 units, or just over three percent, closing out the month at 8,722 units. That also happens to be the Expedition’s lowest production total of the 2024 calendar year thus far, bringing its year-to-date total up to 46,344 in the process.

As for the future of the Ford Expedition, it – along with the Navigator – are slated to receive a refresh for the 2025 model year following the last mid-cycle action in 2022, one that will bring about a host of updates for the large SUVs. Those include a revamped front end design for the 2025 Ford Expedition, which is quite similar to the refreshed 2024 Ford F-150, as expected, as well as a split liftgate, a set of 24-inch wheels, a new taillight design, and a rear wiper that’s relocating from the bottom of the rear window to the top. Inside the cabin, the 2025 Ford Expedition is also getting some updates in the form of a revised design, a new infotainment screen, and even a coast-to-coast screen setup.

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  1. J. Titus-A Ford Enthusiast

    Because of the [ push to start/stop ] button; I refuse to buy any new vehicle newer than 2015!

  2. Joe

    Will the 2025 expedition offer a Hybrid or PHEV option ? Also, I agree with ” Let’s loose the stop / start crap all together ” , just another option to have trouble down the road.

  3. Harley

    What with all the price increases, & inflation out of control( yes, even at 3.5%, the feds can’t get it down to 2%– the ideal inflation %’tge))). People would rather feed the kids & family, pay the rent/ mortgage & so on— Cars/trucks have gotten too expensive!!!!
    If inflation is at 3.5%, why has prices increase WAY MORE THAN THAT—- IS GREED THE CAUSE?? Take groceries— UP OVER 43.8% ON AVERAGE– But Biden says his inflation since he has been in office, totaled 17-19% ■■■■■SO WHERE’D THE OTHER 24.8% INCREASE COME FROM!!!!! GREED FACTOR…
    And J.Titus, I agree with you. Give me my ignition keys back, so that when I bend over my CAR ALARM WON’T KEEP GOING OFF!!!!!!


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