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Ford F-150 Among Top 10 Best Selling Global Vehicles Of 2023

The Ford F-150 has long held the title of being America’s best-selling vehicle alongside its Ford F-Series counterpart, the Ford Super Duty. However, even though it’s only sold in a select number of global markets, the Ford F-150 also moves in a high enough volume in the U.S. that is also ranks as one of the world’s best-selling vehicles, too. In 2022, the Ford F-150 ranked as the ninth best seller across the entire globe, and it once again made the cut in 2023 as well.

JATO Dynamics Top 25 Best-Selling Vehicles In The World 2023

According to new data from JATO Dynamics, the Ford F-150 moved up two spots from its position in last year’s global automotive sales results after racking up 623,000 sales – an 18 percent increase versus last year. That ranks it behind the Tesla Model Y (1,223,000 units sold), the Toyota RAV4 (1,075,000), Honda CR-V (846,000), Toyota Corolla (803,000), Toyota Corolla Cross (715,000), and Toyota Camry (650,000).

In spite of a challenging year for new vehicle sales, automakers still sold a total of 78.32 million new models in 2023 across the entire globe, which is a whopping seven million units or 10 percent more than 2022. Europe led the way with the highest growth – driven largely by Turkey and Spain – with a 16 percent year-over-year increase in new vehicle sales, followed by the U.S. and Canada at 12 percent, Japan/Korea at 11 percent, Latin America at nine percent, the Middle East at eight percent, Africa at five percent, South Asia at four percent, China at three percent, and SEA-Pacific at one percent growth.

“The growth seen in 2023 is remarkable, especially considering the ongoing geopolitical tensions between China and the USA; the instability generated by conflicts across Europe; the high interest rates that persisted in most of the Western world; and the high price of vehicles,” said Felipe Munoz, Senior Analyst at JATO Dynamics.

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  1. rikki

    Since there making so much money, maybe they can stand behind the vehicles they already produced

  2. rikki

    Lets start with the 10 speed transmissions that are defective from the get go

  3. rikki

    My F150 is a death trap due to the transmission

  4. rikki

    And did I mention the cam phaser problems and how many thousands they cost to replace on the f150 and almost every other ford

  5. David Dickinson II

    If Jim Farley is reading, note that 3 of the 6 vehicles ahead of the F-150 are SEDANS!


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