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Ford F-150 Lightning Pickups Need To Be Towed During Testing

In the world of all-electric vehicles, much ado has been made about range, as well as how various factors impact it. That’s precisely why the Ford F-150 Lightning gained a heat pump that helps cut range loss during cold weather, though the EV pickup has also received its fair share of bad press regarding range loss while towing heavy loads, too. Recently, Ford Authority spotted a group of Ford F-150 Lightning pickups out testing, and interestingly enough, they had to be towed back on flatbeds following that testing.

Ford Authority exclusively spotted these Ford F-150 Lightning pickups in the Metro Detroit area, but it’s unclear why they had to be towed back to a Blue Oval facility. One might assume that FoMoCo was conducting some sort of max range test here, which would make sense given the fact that the automaker would run them down to zero. However, one might also assume that Ford would simply charge them and drive them back, as we’ve seen in many other, independent range tests.

Regardless of why these Ford F-150 Lightning pickups had to be towed back during testing, this is precisely why the automaker conducts tests in the first place. In fact, it has been conducting more and more pre-delivery quality checks as of late in an effort to reduce warranty costs and recalls, a costly yet necessary tactic that has seemingly begun to pay off already.

In fact, an issue was discovered with the 2024 Ford F-150 Lightning during this process earlier this year, which delayed deliveries of that model for some time. However, as we saw with the refreshed ICE version of that model, spending the extra money and time conducting more quality checks helped prevent at least a dozen recalls by the automaker’s own admission, too.

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