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Ford F-150 Ranks 58th On 2024 American Made Index

Each year, releases its American Made Index, which aims to shed some light on what new vehicles are, well, the most American – in a variety of ways. In that regard, The Blue Oval has had quite a few different models make the cut in recent years, including the Ford Mustang, which ranked 31st on the 2024 version of this study. However, it wasn’t alone in that regard, as the Ford F-150 also managed to make the cut this time around.

Just a few years ago, the Ford F-150 ranked near the bottom of the pack in terms of the most American vehicles on this list, after previously ranking near the top – demonstrating just how quickly things can change on a year-to-year basis. That was also true of the 2024 American Made Index, as the Ford F-150 ranked 58th, behind a number of models made by companies that aren’t based in the U.S. – such as Honda, Volkswagen, and Toyota.

The list was topped by the Tesla Model Y, with a grand total of 100 vehicles out of more than 400 making the cut this time around. To come up with these results, looks at a few different factors – the location of a vehicle’s final assembly, the percentage of U.S. and Canadian parts present in that vehicle, its countries of origin for all available engines and transmissions, and the maker’s U.S. manufacturing workforce.

From there, ranks each model on a 100-point scale, though it doesn’t reveal its exact methodology for doing so. Since some vehicles are produced in multiple plants in different locations, it accounts for that with scoring reductions for imported volume, and determines the percent of U.S. and Canadian content from the American Automobile Labeling Act, taking into account engine and transmission origins as well.

“Over the last year, domestic manufacturing was thrust into the spotlight by the recent United Auto Workers organizing efforts and continues to be a hot topic with the impending presidential election,” said Patrick Masterson, lead researcher for’s American-Made Index. “Pundits champion homegrown corporations as the key to investments in local and state economies. However, when it comes to the global automotive industry, the badge on the hood doesn’t always reveal a vehicle’s economic contributions.”

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Brett's lost track of all the Fords he's owned over the years and how much he's spent modifying them, but his current money pits include an S550 Mustang and 13th gen F-150.

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  1. Boomer

    Well, Now there’s a real Surprise……. N O T!!! We are Loosing our Tail’s to this Manufacturing Issue. DOn’t look Good.

  2. Shelbykl

    The American made content index misrepresents the American made theme. Because the company that employes more Americans than any other Auto manufacturer is Ford and they are not even listed. You Buy a Ford you are supporting more Americans than any of the other brands. They also assemble more vehicles in the US than any other manufacturer.

  3. rikki

    When my F-150 needed an $8600.00 trans and $ 5300.00 Cam phaser job it made me loose confidence in the brand. And mind you ford will not fess up to any of it even though hundreds of thousands are having the same problems. Sure makes the cost per mile of ownership skyrocket.

  4. rikki

    Should I mention the cooling system leaks that appear everywhere on most ford engines these days. Or valvetrain issues with everything from lash adjusters, camshafts, rocker arms, Dropped valves, broken valves wiping out the whole engine. Someone please stop me.
    Sad part is you can do your maintenance and drive it nice and it will probably still happen to you .

  5. rikki

    My wife has 355,000 miles on an Acura and other than oil and filters tires and 1 brake job its all original. Oh battery too. The drive belt is still original and looks ok, i’m going to replace it when it breaks if ever. No more fords for us. certified Mechanic by trade.


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