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Ford Lease Fees Will Rise By $150 In July 2024

For years now, Ford has routinely ranked among the most leased automotive makes in the U.S., though that particular form of vehicle ownership did take a hit over the past few years amid soaring prices and waning inventory. With those problems somewhat in the rear-view mirror, shoppers are beginning to gravitate back toward leasing, but soon, some planned Ford lease fee increases will make that endeavor a bit more expensive than it is currently.

According to a dealer bulletin recently seen by CarsDirect, Ford lease fees are set to increase on July 9th, 2024, which will make it a bit more expensive to lease any Blue Oval model. These increases come in two forms – acquisition fees are set to increase by $50, from $645 to $695, while disposition fees are going up by $100, from $395 to $495. This means that in total, Ford lease fees will jump by $150 compared to the current rates.

Acquisition and disposition fees are common in the world of leases, though the amount that lessees ultimately pay varies by automaker. Typically, those figures are somewhat close at least, with acquisition fees generally running between $595 and $1,095, while disposition fees typically amount to somewhere between $300 and $500, depending on the company in question.

These fees do help lessors with the costs associated with setting up a lease and making a car sellable again once it has been returned by the lessee, both of which are costs that tend to rise over time like just about anything else. This obviously isn’t great news for those looking to lease a Ford vehicle in the coming weeks, but the good news is, those folks have a little more time to take advantage of the lower fees before they go up, at least.

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  1. William Sanderson

    So….instead of the dealer getting money, Ford wants it. Sad really as in summary most “fees” are just made up surcharges anyway. Don’t become the Southwest or Frontier of vehicles. Maybe Ford got some execs from them? Remember when ‘one price haggling’ was the mantra? Now it’s back to the old shipping (across the street in Wayne is the as to Hawaii……and total b.s. at 1000 a vehicles), now it’s accurate fees, acquisition fees, a fee to cover the the fees….and NONE disclosed. Wonder why online price and done is winning? Fools.


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