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Ford Maverick, Bronco Sport Plant Celebrates New Milestone

Given its tremendous popularity, Ford Maverick production at the Hermosillo Assembly plant has long struggled to keep up with demand, though as we saw earlier this year, it’s also directly tied to sales of the compact pickup. In the meantime, the Hermosillo plant – which also builds the Ford Bronco Sport – continues to expand in that regard, and in fact, just celebrated a pretty notable milestone after 38 years of operation.

That milestone is the production of Hermosillo’s seven millionth vehicle, a number that it achieved after originally opening back in 1986. Over that timeframe, quite a few different models emerged from the Mexican facility’s assembly lines prior to the Ford Maverick and Bronco Sport, including the Mercury Tracer, Ford Escort, Ford Focus, Ford Fusion, Mercury Milan, and Lincoln Zephyr, to name just a few. The seven millionth vehicle built at Hermosillo was in fact a Bronco Sport, however, which rolled off the line just last week.

“Today, with seven million units produced, we are proud to be the home of two of the brand’s most iconic vehicles worldwide that identify with the Sonoran spirit, characterized by accepting any challenge regardless of its magnitude. These vehicles symbolize quality, safety, technology and innovation; positioning our plant globally,” said Ricardo Anaya, director of Ford Manufacturing in Mexico.

The Hermosillo Assembly plant is just the latest Blue Oval-operated facility to reach a notable milestone, joining a host of other plants that have done the same over the past few months. That list includes the Lima Engine plant in Ohio building its 45 millionth engine, the Changan Ford Hangzhou plant in China producing 800k vehicles, the Dagenham Engine plant in the UK churning out the two-millionth Ford 2.0L EcoBlue diesel engine and its 1.5 millionth Lion V6 engine, while the Sanand Engine plant also just built its one-millionth powerplant as well.

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  1. Kevin Yancey

    Since the Bronco and Maverick share much of the same architecture, I’d love to see the Maverick get a GOAT mode. Throw everything at it, like the Bronco, and make it the best 4×4 small truck ever! Lockers, sway bar disconnects, some 37’s, and a low range transfer case would make it awesome. Plus, offer a toned down color to the interior. I’m fine with plain black or dark gray, without accents of bright colors. I grew up with chrome and wood accents, not orange or yellow. I don’t need seats with strange patterns or color accents either. A durable denim or similar material that’s stain resistant and easy to clean is perfect. Tech is fine but a little bigger screen for the standard model would be nice. You’re forcing people to upgrade for a screen that readable for anyone over 30, and some older people do like a small pickup to haul a lawnmower, lumber, or garbage. You got a winner already. Capitalize on it and make it better. You want to Raptor a Bronco, so do it to the Maverick too! You could get 40k for a Maverick Raptor R. And why not make a 4WD hybrid? You could do like Toyota and electrify the rear axle only. There’s so many options…

    1. Jim

      All good suggestions for sure. I bought a ‘24 Bronco Sport Badlands last December. It has performed flawlessly. My only regret is that I think the ‘25 will have the bigger screen and Sync4 (my MME4X had them). They are worth it. Farley has a winner in both vehicles, stick with it.


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