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Ford Mustang Mach-E Needs New Door Handles: Opinion

In recent years, flush-mounted door handles have become all the rage, typically, on all-electric vehicles. While they certainly look cool, flush-mounted door handles and others that are hidden or electronically operated also add complexity and cost, not to mention the potential for those same door handles to freeze and become difficult to use, or even quit working in some cases. The Ford Mustang Mach-E is among the list of new vehicles with unusual door handles, and at least to us, that design leaves a lot to be desired.

Currently, the Ford Mustang Mach-E features a unique door handle setup called the “E-Latch Door System” in the front consisting of a button that unlatches the door, along with a pull handle – or “fin” – that allows the user to grab onto it and pull the door open. In the rear, those two doors also have a button that unlatches the doors, but no grab handle, which makes them somewhat difficult to open.

This concept may work for some, but is quickly being replaced by superior door handle designs. We can clearly see this with the new Chevy Equinox EV and certain other vehicles, in fact. As we can see in this video, the door handles of the Equinox EV are flush-mounted like many other all-electric vehicles, which automatically open when one approaches the vehicle with the key fob on their person. However, unlike other EVs sporting this design, one still has to touch the inside portion to unlock the door – but only on the front doors, not the rear.

Alternatively, one can push in on the back part of the handle with the key fob on their person and the door handles will also present themselves, at which point the door can be opened. Touching the indented “button” on the outside of the handle will make it retract back into the body, too. Alternatively, one can simply use the key fob lock and unlock buttons to deploy and retract the door handles as well – a pretty nifty and simple, intuitive design, and one that we’d love to also see used on the Ford Mustang Mach-E.

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  1. StarLord

    The Ford engineer that designed the E handle should be fired. It’s like sticking a piece of angle iron on a Porsche to use the a door handle.

    What do you expect from a team that can’t deliver one single Blue Cruise update in over 2 years yet charges you 3 grand the constant updates.

    I also like the “optional” power cord for your Mustang that can’t be deleted. If goes well with the optional doors.

  2. Mitch

    I like the button. You guys sound out of touch.

  3. Gordon

    I love my Mache. Two years of trouble-free driving, including a 7500-mile trip around the western United States. I enjoy the door handles and have a lot of fun with them. My friends are impressed by the tech, and if their door doesn’t pop on the first button push, I tell them to hold still for a moment so the camera in the button can size them up, then it will open.

  4. Barry Branham

    I like the button fine on my Mach-e. No problem front or back.

  5. MG

    I love the doors on the Mach E. It’s extremely simple to understand and makes the car look almost concept-car like with no visible door handles.

    The Model Y-esque pop out handles that come out at an angle are awful.

  6. Stephen

    Yep, we’re on our 2nd MachE and it’s door handles are just fine. There’s areas of the car that you can improve upon, the door handles aren’t on that list. Two of the best vehicles we’ve ever owned. So $130k worth of opinion and two of these vehicles, prior to price cuts I’ll note, we vote with our wallet but a slow news day and you have elicited more comments than normal so jobs well done. You do have bills to pay and we like the site so do what you need to do!

  7. Stephen Mahony

    I’ve had no problem with my door buttons and I like the look of them. So far, two years trouble free with the entire car.

  8. Ray

    My only complaint with the button is that the car doesn’t always react when using phone as a key. Outside of that, no problems, works better than the handles that need to pop out in winter conditions.
    Really, the fix for the gripe is the motor that opens the door just needs to push the door open another inch or so. Most people don’t hold onto the handle of most cars throughout the whole duration of opening the door. They eventually grab onto the edge of the door by the window and push/hold the door as they step in.

  9. EnHoSt

    How pressing a button became Somewhat difficult to open? It works great for me and love the system.

  10. Mark Lesperance

    Almost 2 years in with my MME PE. Door handles are fine, better than most really. Great car overall, could use ventilated seats though.


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