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Ford Pro Smart Charging Bundle Launches In Massachusetts

Ford Pro – the automaker’s dedicated commercial unit – has been squarely focused on offering fleet customers not only an array of vehicles, but also, the types of services they need to save money while operating those vehicles. In the realm of all-electric vehicles, commercial customers have quickly found that switching to EVs is a great way to do precisely that – especially when they also opt for the new Ford Pro Smart Charging Bundle.

Ford Pro Home Charger

The Ford Pro Smart Charging Bundle offers a free Ford Pro 48-amp charger for home or worksite charging – or an 80-amp charger for the worksite – to Ford Pro Charging software subscribers enrolled in the Clean Peak Energy Standard (CPS), a program established by the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources in 2020 that is designed to lower emissions and the costs associated with seasonal periods of peak electricity demand by encouraging the use of clean energy technologies that can supply or reduce demand during peak periods. The bundle also includes automatic scheduling, a dedicated onboarding process, and a three-year charging software subscription.

Ford Pro Charging software monitors millions of data points per day to continually improve the charging experience for commercial customers. Ford notes that operating costs for commercial EV users are estimated to be 48 percent lower than ICE fleets, and leveraging smart charging software to schedule charging during cheaper off-peak hours can save several hundred additional dollars per year, per vehicle.

“Our team is focused on easing the transition to electric for business and government customers,” said Ted Cannis, Ford Pro CEO. “Through this program, Ford Pro customers essentially get their own virtual ‘charging manager,’ as we will do the heavy lifting such as providing no-cost charging hardware, managing the charging schedule, avoiding peak rates, and ensuring business EVs are powered up appropriately to get work done.”

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  1. Bill Howland

    What nonsense. What millions of data points could they possibly monitor while charging the battery?

    The only thing that would improve the customer experience would be to get taxachusetts electric rate down to half of what it is now. Or more on line with the USA average.

  2. Bill Howland

    How about unbundling the Charging Bundle?


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