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Ford Ranked Second In 2024 Most Patriotic Brands Survey

As a homegrown U.S. automaker, Ford frequently tops the charts when it comes to being one of the most patriotic brands in the country. In 2021, Ford slotted in as the fourth most patriotic brand in the U.S. in brand loyalty consultant company Brand Keys’ Most Patriotic Brands in America study. The Blue Oval went on to finish among the top 10 most patriotic brands again in 2022 and 2023. It’s keeping the streak alive this year, scoring second in the 2024 rendition of the study.

To determine the 2024 rankings for its Most Patriotic Brands in America list, Brand Keys surveyed 7,460 consumers assessing 1,371 brands in 143 categories, measuring the company’s emotional engagement. These particular assessments evaluate brand resonance for a single value – patriotism. Ford gained one position this year, tailing only Jeep, which has topped the list for over 20 consecutive years now.

“Consumers now view everything through a political lens, so the value of patriotism is more important than ever,” said Robert Passikoff, president of Brand Keys. “Even with balanced consumer samples, partisan antipathy – more powerful than any point since the survey was initiated in 2001 – is manifesting itself in both the political and consumer arenas.”

He added, “These brand rankings do not mean to suggest that other brands are not patriotic or don’t possess patriotic resonance or intent… And, as it concerns patriotism specifically, it takes more than fireworks, wrapping your brand in the flag, or weekend holiday sales, but if you can meaningfully connect to the value of patriotism, consumers don’t just stand up and salute, they stand up and buy!”

Overall, Americans continue to hold the Blue Oval in high esteem. A recent poll revealed that customers considered Ford to be a “good” brand in 2023, despite myriad quality issues and recalls that have plagued the automaker as of late, although that is a slight decline from prior studies.

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Alexandra is a Colorado-based journalist with a passion for all things involving horsepower, be it automotive or equestrian.

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    Absolutely POINTLESS!!!!! I have a 2022 F-150 and FORD Is working on the 5th RECALL NOW and Refuses to Update my Blue Cruise Software either OTA Or at the Dealership??? What Kind of “LOYALTY” is that from FORD towards a HIGH PAYING FORD FAMILY for Years Now. POINTLESS. We often Times wonder……… Does FORD Really Give a RIP???? HENRY Is ROLLING IN HIS COFFIN RIGHT NOW!!!! And JIMMY????? He’s just Banking ALL he can right now working towards that GOLDEN PARACHUTE of “MILLION’S” While we the CUSTOMER just get Laughed outta the Room!!!!?????


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