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Ford Ranks Third Among Automakers With Most Recalls In 2024

As most are well aware by now, Ford finished up 2023 as the most recalled automotive manufacturer in the U.S., which isn’t the sort of distinction that any company wants to be associated with. The Blue Oval has since been hard at work trying to rectify that problem, with some signs that initial quality has, in fact, improved over the first nearly one-half of 2024, though the automaker has still issued quite a few recalls thus far. This notion is also backed up by the latest data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), too.

NHTSA Automotive Recalls June 2024

With the first half of 2024 nearly in the rear-view, Ford has thus far issued 27 recalls impacting a little over three million vehicles, but it isn’t the worst offender in that regard, as was the case last year. Rather, Forest River, Inc. takes the crown this time around with 31 recalls, though in all fairness, that company makes recreational vehicles only, plus things like travel trailers and boats. However, Chrysler has also issued more recalls than Ford this year as well – 30, which impact around 2.2 million vehicles.

From there, the drop-off is pretty big, with Kia issuing 15 recalls in 2024, followed by BMW (14), Hyundai (12), Mercedes-Benz (12), Jayco (12), Daimler Trucks (11), Jaguar Land Rover (10), General Motors (10), and Mack Trucks (8).

2024 Ford F-150 Lightning Flash - Exterior 003 - Rear Three Quarters

In recent months, Ford has instituted a number of new practices as it aims to reduce its recalls and warranty costs, all while improving initial quality. Those include performing quality checks to identify and correct issues with refreshed or redesigned vehicles before deliveries begin, utilizing artificial intelligence at its production plants, and even tying management bonuses to quality. As a result, CEO Jim Farley recently stated that initial quality improved throughout the course of 2023 and into the first part of 2024, too.

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  1. Cigna

    It’s just a matter of time before they’re number 1 again in recalls. Failure Farley cares more about his racing enterprise than the customer.

  2. Plains States Patriots

    I appreciate the strides made within the past 24 months, and better communication between the United Auto Workers and President Farley. Tracking recall trends indicates advances in recall mitigation.

    How do I know? I own shares of Ford Motor Company (and others). Not enough to please the reactionaries, but nothing pleases them.


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