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Ford Van Sales Up 19 Percent During Q1 2024

Ford van sales increased 19 percent for 55,295 deliveries during the first quarter of 2024.

Sales of Ford’s vans are the Ford Transit full-size van, including passenger, cargo, and cutaway/chassis cab variants; all-electric E-Transit full-size van, including cargo and cutaway/chassis cab variants; Ford E-Series, including cutaway cab and stripped chassis variants; and Ford Transit Connect compact van, including passenger and cargo variants. The Transit Connect was discontinued after the 2023 model year.

The Transit (see running Ford Transit sales) led the way again, with a 20 percent uptick to 36,999 units. The E-Series (see running Ford E-Series sales) followed with a three percent dip for 10,440 deliveries. The discontinued Transit Connect (see running Ford Transit Connect sales) still saw a 30 percent bump for 4,965 sales, while the E-Transit (see running Ford E-Transit sales) posted a 148 percent leap to 2,891 units.

Sales Numbers - Ford Vans - Q1 2024 - USA

MODEL Q1 24 / Q1 23 Q1 24 Q1 23 Q1 24 SHARE Q1 23 SHARE
FORD TRANSIT +19.94% 36,999 30,847 67% 66%
FORD E-SERIES -3.20% 10,440 10,785 19% 23%
FORD TRANSIT CONNECT +29.87% 4,965 3,823 9% 8%
FORD E-TRANSIT +147.52% 2,891 1,168 5% 3%
TOTAL +18.60% 55,295 46,623

In terms of sales share, the Transit was at 67 percent, to account for two-thirds of all Ford van sales. The E-Series followed with 19 percent, the Transit Connect with nine percent, and the E-Transit with five percent.

Putting the Transit Connect aside, Ford’s full-size van lineup competes against the Ram ProMaster and GM’s offerings, namely the dated Chevy Express and GMC Savana, along with The General’s all-electric commercial vans, the BrightDrop Zevo 600 and Zevo 400, plus Rivian’s all-electric entries, the EDV/Delivery 700 and EDV/Delivery 500. (This quarter, sales of the Rivian models are combined, while sales data for the Brightdrop models is unavailable.)

Sales Numbers - Full-Size Vans - Q1 2024 - USA

MODEL Q1 24 / Q1 23 Q1 24 Q1 23 Q1 24 SHARE Q1 23 SHARE
FORD TRANSIT +19.94% 36,999 30,847 56% 41%
FORD E-SERIES -3.20% 10,440 10,785 16% 14%
CHEVROLET EXPRESS -12.72% 7,502 8,595 11% 12%
RAM PROMASTER -66.92% 5,853 17,694 9% 24%
FORD E-TRANSIT +147.52% 2,891 1,168 4% 2%
GMC SAVANA -77.52% 1,078 4,796 2% 6%
RIVIAN EDV 700 +90.47% 1,000 525 2% 1%
TOTAL -11.62% 65,763 74,410

The Transit leads here as well, with Ford’s best-selling van commanding sales of more than half of this field as well, and the E-Series follows in second, outselling Ram’s entry as well as all of GM’s models. Meanwhile, the E-Transit also fares well against the competition here.

The Ford Authority Take

Ford Transit sales again reflects the ongoing best-seller’s leading position in the full-size van segment, commanding this competitive space during Q1 2024. Though dated itself, the E-Series also fared well, as it remains a go-to option to underpin campers, ambulances, small buses, and other light-duty vehicles. Finally, the E-Transit continues to grow as Ford’s all-electric offering.

Ford Transit Celebrates 10 Years In The United States - Exterior 001 - Front Three Quarters

About Ford Transit

The new Transit Trail variant joined Ford’s full-size van lineup for the 2023 model year, which is an upfit-ready off-road-oriented van that is geared toward the van and outdoor life enthusiast. Order banks for this model closed this past August.

Ford Transit launched in the U.S. 10 years ago, with The Blue Oval celebrating its best-selling van commercially and beyond, offered as the Transit cargo and passenger van, off-road-focused Transit Trail, and all-electric E-Transit.

Potential refreshed Ford E-Series prototype

About Ford E-Series

Formerly called the Econoline panel van, the Ford E-Series was eventually replaced by the Transit and is now only sold as a chassis cab or stripped chassis configuration to underpin campers, ambulances, small buses, and other light-duty vehicles.

The current model has soldiered on for years, save for a few major updates such as the debut of the chassis cab variant a five years ago.

The 2024 model year sees only minor changes. This includes the deletion of the Economy tune in favor of the naturally-aspirated Ford 7.3L V8 Godzilla engine. Moving forward, the E-Series will offer just one drivetrain calibration, with an output of 325 horsepower and 450 pound-feet of torque, as its flex fuel capability option has also been eliminated from the lineup.

The 2025 Ford E-Series is already on sale, offering no updates.

Over a year ago, Ford Authority spotted a prototype of a potential refreshed E-Series undergoing testing, showing off a revised front grille with a vertical element in the middle, along with a new front bumper cover.

Regardless of if and when a refresh might appear, Ford E-series production will continue at the Ohio Assembly plant until at least until April 2028, according to the deal that the United Auto Workers (UAW) secured with Ford.

About Ford E-Transit

When the all-electric Ford E-Transit van arrived on scene in early 2022, its success caught The Blue Oval by surprise, with it racing up to catch up with demand. Since then, the E-Transit is now among the most popular fleet EVs.

The 2024 Ford E-Transit gets a new battery and faster charging, for increased range.

The Blue Oval is already working on a second-generation Ford E-Transit, which may be built in Ohio, as the all-electric commercial van market slowly heats up.

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