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FordPass Will Be Integrated Into Apple iPhone Control Center

Over the past few months, FordPass has received a host of updates, with the most notable being the recent launch of FordPass 5.0. This update brings about improvements including the addition of one tap vehicle controls, quicker access to key features, an enhanced charge management function for EVs, smart watch updates, a remote climate control feature specifically for Ford F-150 Lightning owners, and a streamlined design that’s intended to speed things up and make the app easier to use. Now, FordPass is getting some more updates geared toward Apple users.

Outlined in this recent video from Jace Craft-Miller, Apple’s forthcoming iOS 18 update gives developers the ability to include controls for their own apps, and that list includes Ford. Apple iPhone users will soon be able to adjust the way these controls are laid out and even resize them, which has quite a few potential uses. As Craft-Miller demonstrates in this short clip, he’s able to add a specific control to turn on the climate control in his Mach-E, which he increases the size of to make it quick and easy to access.

In addition to this capability, iOS 18 enables users to do things like arrange apps and widgets in any open space on the home screen, including placing them right above the dock for easy access or to frame a wallpaper. App icons and widgets can utilize a dark or tinted effect, and users can make them appear larger as well, as we can see in action here.

Apple iOS 18 FordPass Update

These are just the latest Ford-related updates that Apple users are set to receive, a list that includes a new array of Blue Oval stickers that launched last October, while the F-150 Lightning just added EV routing for Apple users that same month. At some point in the future, Apple users will also be able to feature CarPlay on their vehicle’s instrument cluster, too.

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  1. StromSpeed

    As a new Mach-E owner: love it!!

  2. Scott N.

    The FordPass app is trash. The new “upgrade” removes the Fuel meter graphic and only shows “range” left in the tank now. Dumb. Range fluctuates, 3/4 of a tank is 3/4 of a tank. They also put tire pressure monitoring data 2 menus down (you have to click “Service”, which is dumb, then Vehicle Health before is displays tire pressure info. Should be one-click away at most from main menu and organized in a more logical way like right from the “Vehicle” tab. Who designs these apps and who tests them?? Terrible.

  3. John

    Fordpass (and Ford) 5.0 is geared towards electric vehicles, and Ford is leaving its internal combustion engine customers out to dry. They took away so much in 5.0 and there’s zero promise it’ll return. Sad and upsetting.


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