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Future Ford Vehicles Could Get Emotional

Ford Motor Company has filed a patent for an emotional human machine interface system that may be used in future Ford vehicles, Ford Authority has learned.

The patent was filed on December 1st, 2022, published on June 6th, 2024, and assigned serial number 0181876.

Ford Patent Emotional Human Machine Interface System

The Ford Authority Take

Back in February 2022, Ford filed a patent for a digital personal assistant with a configurable personality somewhat similar to existing digital assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Microsoft’s Cortana, though it offers user-selectable personality traits. The system could provide different types of responses based on the user’s preference, ranging from simple rewordings to a total adjustment in personality, and would also be capable of learning a user’s preferences over time, adjusting to meet them by changing the vocabulary it uses, as well as tone and personality.

Ford Patent Emotional Human Machine Interface System

Now, this newly filed patent presents us with a similar idea for an emotional human machine interface system that may be used in future Ford vehicles, too. This new idea is more geared toward improving the social or emotional aspect of driving, which is a bit lacking compared to the experience we get from things like smartphones and social media these days. Ford notes that younger generations tend to view driving as less of a necessity as a result, and oftentimes, even a waste of one’s time.

Ford Patent Emotional Human Machine Interface System

Thus, this system would collect biometric data from a vehicle’s occupants and determine their emotional state, after which it could use that data to do a variety of things ranging from setting an appropriate color scheme, playing certain types of music or entire playlists based on their mood, or even present different kinds of information based on their physical location. It’s an interesting idea for certain, and one that proves Ford wants to make the act of driving a bit more engaging for younger generations.

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  1. John

    “We’re going to have your car read your emotional state and eventually your mind, collect the data, and upload it to our AI to keep records on you. But we are changing the color of the interior lights for you!”

  2. John

    Yeh we really need this! What a waste of time and resources. Another useless reason for a price hike.

  3. 85ZingoGTR

    Please! Its enough my wife is emotional I don’t need my one item of respite to be emotional too.


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