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Here’s How Many 2024 Ford Edge SUVs Were Produced In May

The 2024 Ford Edge sold in North America represents the last line of gasoline vehicles produced at Oakville Assembly. The facility produced the midsize crossover from 2007 until May 2024, and will be retooled for electric vehicle production, a process Ford extended by three years due to current battery costs. But until yesterday it wasn’t clear how many examples left the assembly line during its final weeks. But official production figures are now available thanks to information provided in the May 2024 U.S. sales press release, which unsurprisingly showed a notable drop in output when compared to April.

Last North American Ford Edge Built At Oakville Assembly Plant - Exterior 001 - Front

According to the automaker, Oakville Assembly produced 2,739 examples of the 2024 Ford Edge in May 2024, a 77 percent drop from April, which was originally slated to be the last month of production. Instead, it seems production continued for a little while longer, although as the above photo demonstrates, that run has ended. For 2024, the facility manufactured 54,178 examples of the crossover. Ford Edge sales decreased 37 percent in May but are up 23 percent when compared to sales through May 2023.

The cancellation of the Ford Edge was recently met with increased bitterness from Unifor, which represents Oakville, due to plans about its future. The plant was initially expected to remain idle until early 2025, when the union expected production of a at least one fully electric crossover to begin. Instead, Ford decided to moth ball the plant until some time in 2027, citing battery costs. The union says it was kept in the dark about the change but is still working with the company to discuss options for the workers impacted by the change.

Buyers interested in the 2024 Ford Edge still have plenty of examples to choose from. According to the automaker, about 21,600 Edge SUVs are at or on their way to dealers across the country. As for the nameplate, a successor model is solely being built and sold for the Chinese domestic market. The new Lincoln Nautilus is currently being exported to North America from China.

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Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

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  1. Greg G Galvan

    Once again Ford, eliminates a bread and butter vehicle, 1st the Taurus again now the Edge, these were solid vehicles for the company and customers liked, does not seem to matter swing the hatchet and cut reliable vehicles out of production.
    For electric that are not selling? At least the Company could of went to hybrids on these popular vehicles before switching to all electric.

  2. Brian

    Have had 3 Edges. All very satisfying to own. Roomy, comfortable, economical and great for cruising. Was hoping for a hybrid version next. If electric doesn’t pan out, Ford (or its unions) screwed up big time.

  3. Amanda

    Sales slumped because all we’ve been hearing about is how production was ending in the beginning of the year. People assumed production stopped so they didnt order them.

  4. Tom Wilhelm

    I owned a 2016 Edge and now drive a 2019 Edge. I guess since I haven’t had good luck with GM products I’ll buy a Honda or Toyota next. Big mistake Ford.

    1. Bob Leake

      Ford Motor Co is run by the dumbest people that they could find. I have owned 2 Edge automobiles. I’ll have to switch to another brand. I hate to leave, but they are the idiots.

  5. Dar

    We will be switching over to Chevy or Kia since Ford has nothing to offer in a gas model. I have been a Ford guy since 1986. Time to switch up

  6. Rich

    I wonder why production was down in May we were all laid off the first of the month SMH.

  7. Ed Peters

    SAD, SAD……. I own a 2019 Edge one of the best cars I have owned, excellant quiet, riding car. Great gas mileage (24cty, 34 hwy, 28comb.) Very good quality. Love the car. Was looking forward to getting another one, not now, might have to go to Toyota, Mazda Subaru etc.


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