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Here’s What We Know And Expect From The 2025 Lincoln Navigator

Like its Blue Oval sibling, the 2025 Ford Expedition, the 2025 Lincoln Navigator is slated to deliver a much-needed overhaul to the full-size luxury SUV. This includes a myriad of updates both inside and out, and while full details are still forthcoming, below, Ford Authority outlines everything we know and expect from the inbound Navigator, from its refreshed fascia to its overhauled interior.

First up, the refreshed 2025 Lincoln Navigator features an updated front end, including a flashy coast-to-coast lightbar that stretches the length of the front grille, bridging the gap between the forward-facing headlights and running behind the Lincoln Star insignia featured prominently in the center of the grille. This is just one of many styling cues borrowed from the redesigned 2024 Lincoln Nautilus, which also sports a grille-length lightbar as a visual point of interest on the front end. Also note the fact that the luxury SUV is expected to offer a set of large 24-inch wheels, a first for the Navigator line.

Out back, we find more similarities with the all-new Nautilus, particularly in the rear wiper location. The updated Navigator features a rear wiper blade that’s located at the top of the rear glass, a deviation from the current model’s wiper blade, which is affixed toward the bottom of the rear window. This allows the wiper blade to be tucked out of sight when not in use.

Additionally, as Ford Authority reported earlier this year, one of the biggest changes present on the refreshed Navigator is its split liftgate. It should feature lower and upper sections, enabling users to lower the bottom portion like a tailgate similar to a pickup. The upper portion allows access to the rear cargo area without needing to lift the entire liftgate, similar to how the rear glass functions on the current model.

The 2025 Lincoln Navigator also has a significant update on board for the interior, highlighted by a panoramic display front and center, similar to that of the Nautilus. Screens will dominate the luxury SUV’s cabin, including a center touchscreen for infotainment duties, along with a coast-to-coast unit that will handle relevant vehicle displays along with passenger infotainment features. Further details regarding the vehicle’s interior displays haven’t yet been released, and there are currently no photos of the interior.

2024 Lincoln Nautilus interior

Furthermore, the 2025 Navigator may offer an expanded powertrain lineup that could include a hybrid option. As Ford Authority reported back in April 2022, the Navigator hasn’t been equipped with a hybrid yet as buyers are satisfied with the existing twin-turbocharged 3.5L V6 EcoBoost. But with the company planning to add a hybrid option to its entire retail vehicle lineup by 2030, its inclusion is inevitable.

Additionally, it would make perfect sense for Lincoln to release the 3.5L V6 PowerBoost hybrid engine that originally launched in the 2021 Ford F-150, considering that the Navigator shares a platform with the popular pickup. Already, Ford has ramped up production of the PowerBoost to answer demand for the engine in the refreshed 2024 F-150, so it wouldn’t be a stretch for the engine to be introduced to the forthcoming Navigator.

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Alexandra is a Colorado-based journalist with a passion for all things involving horsepower, be it automotive or equestrian.

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  1. LB

    Do Americans not care much about design?
    It’s because I can’t understand a brand that just tweaks its look instead of bringing in a new generation… this is already the second tweak in the same generation!

    1. Tadpole

      Guess not. It’s frustrating to those of us who do care. Expedition and Navigator should be class leading, or at least trying to be.

  2. LB

    In fact, Ford is left with a line full of retouched old things… and worse, destroying original design and concepts and still having the nerve to say it’s a new generation… unbelievable… if there are consumers who accept this behavior Harmful is fine, but the brand will be risking losing many others!


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