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PGA Tour Golfer Lived In Ford Mustang Before Going Pro

Over the years, we’ve learned about all sorts of famous folks – athletes, musicians, actors and actresses, and others – who have a special affection for Ford vehicles, and a few who have owned many of them in their lifetimes. This is a common theme, and in many cases, those same people grew up with Ford vehicles only to continue to drive them once they became famous – and rich. However, PGA Tour golfer Willie Mack III has a different sort of Blue Oval story to tell, one that involves a Ford Mustang that temporarily served as his living quarters before he made it big.

PGA Tour Golfer Willie Mack III Ford Mustang

“So when I first turned pro, the first year, I won the money list on the Florida Pro Tour. I was playing good,” Mack II told in a recent interview. “It was the last year you could go right to the PGA Tour through Q-School, and I missed final stage by two strokes. And then after that, I don’t know if I kind of thought it was easy because I was playing so good, but things just started going the other direction. Money was just low. At that time, I was making money to get to the other spots, but when you start playing bad on those mini tours and you don’t have any sponsors, I think that’s when things kind of get stretched and things like that.”

It was at that point – back in 2012 – when Mack III wound up living in his Ford Mustang, though he didn’t exactly disclose that bit of information to anyone, even his mother. “So if I had a tournament, I got to the course kind of earlier and took a shower,” he said. “I just thought it was embarrassing. But that’s all I had to try and get by. I’m sure there’s people that people don’t know what they’re going through and doing things you’d never expect.”


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These days, with some success under his belt, Mack III looks back on his experience and simply sees at it as a learning experience – and proof that he never gave up, no matter what. “Yeah, hopefully it does,” he said when asked if he thinks his story will inspire others. “Just to never give up on your dreams, even if it’s not golf. Just always strive to go further with whatever you dream of.”

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