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Video Pokes Fun At Lifted Ford F-150 Drivers In Humorous Way

Years ago, Ford truck commercials were highly entertaining and a bit edgy, which isn’t something that we tend to see in modern day marketing. However, there are plenty of “content creators” out there churning out funny videos revolving around trucks like the Ford F-150, including some that make fun of the types of people that own them – or, at least, the stereotypes associated with truck ownership in general. Now, this new video does precisely the same thing, and it’s quite humorous as well – even for those that are, in fact, Ford F-150 owners.

Lifted Ford F-150 Revving Contest Video - Interior 001

This video makes fun of a specific type of Ford F-150 owner – or truck owner, in general, however – those that drive lifted pickups. Here, we see two such males sitting at a stoplight next to each other, at which point one of them revs up his truck while staring at the other guy. The man being taunted questions whether or not his “rival” is being serious, but quickly decides to join him in a revving contest of sorts.

At the obvious disgust of his female passenger, the Ford F-150 driver does indeed begin revving his pickup, which is also the case with the guy in the other lane. Soon, both begin yelling in caveman-like fashion, making all kinds of weird noises as each attempts to, apparently, show up the other one and win this pointless contest.

Of course, this video obviously isn’t real, but instead, just an attempt at poking fun at the stereotypical lifted truck owner. While not everyone that drives a lifted Ford F-150 – or an F-150 in general (this writer included) – fits that stereotype, we still find it to be pretty humorous, regardless.

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  1. jon lancing

    Like I always said most lifted trucks with tires that stick out of the wheel wells are low brow.

  2. Peter

    I’d like to see a parody video of a male Prius driver, where his wife holds up a box and says “This is where I keep his balls… 😆😆😆

  3. Boomer

    Here’s What I have to say abut that…… S T U P I D!!!! Head out over to ALABAMA, Or KENTUCKY, Or OMAHA. And these 2 TRUCKS ( If ya wanna Call Them Trucks)??? Look Pretty Stupid and USELESS!!!! Might as well be in Radio Flyer Wagons!!! HEY, I Know Guy’s, Why don’t ya Put some BUICK PORT HOLES ON THE FRONT FENDERS WHILE YOUR AT IT??? You’ll Fit Right In!!!!


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