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Watch F1 Driver Daniel Ricciardo Prank A Ford Dealer: Video

Following the announcement that Ford will build power units for the Oracle Red Bull Formula 1 team starting in the 2026 season, the automaker has already been hard at work leveraging that partnership to its fullest. This makes perfect sense given F1’s soaring popularity at the moment, driven largely by the Netflix series Drive to Survive, which has also made its drivers even more famous as well. Among that group, few enjoy the popularity of Daniel Ricciardo, who is currently competing as part of Red Bull’s RB team.

Daniel Ricciardo Ford Dealership Prank

Ford made it quite clear a year ago that it would be working closely with Daniel Ricciardo in a number of ways, which most recently includes this new video from Ford Performance. In it, Ricciardo undergoes a dramatic visual transformation with a heavy disguise and an alter-ego – Richard Daniels – who sets out to play a bit of a prank on an unsuspecting Ford dealership.

The dealership – Metro Ford in Miami, Florida – is under the impression that Daniels is a real Blue Oval customer being filmed for a training video, and he walks in wanting to look at a Ford F-150 Lightning. He jokingly tells the salesperson that he’s moving to Miami to become a DJ, and as one might imagine, the Lightning seems like the perfect choice for his new business venture.

After the salesperson gives “Richard Daniels” a thorough overview of the EV pickup, the duo head out for a test drive, and it’s filled with plenty of humorous quips from Ricciardo. Once that test drive is complete, the two roll back into the dealership only to be greeted by a crowd of cheering people, and at that point, the salesperson is informed that he’s been duped – in a funny way, needless to say.

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  1. carl

    I thought he was going to give a real thrill ride with slides. I saw a video about 1 year ago, where a Pro Drifter Girl went to take a Drivers Test and the Tester did not know that she was a professional drifter and she drifted the car around the parking lot and the tester almost jumped out.
    Finally after she would not stop drifting, she came to a stop at the end and then told him about the prank.


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