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2020 Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition Up For Auction

In late 2018, FoMoCo revealed the 2019 Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition, reviving a rather iconic feature from the past just in time to celebrate the luxury brand’s 80th anniversary. At the time, it seemed like this special model would represent little more than a niche offering, but The Blue Oval severely underestimated demand for the Lincoln Continental Coach Edition, as it built just 80 total units at first – each of which sold out in 48 hours, in spite of their $110k+ price tag. Thus, Ford decided to continue production and ultimately built 230 total units of this special luxury sedan including the 2020 model year – one of which is now up for grabs.

2020 Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition With 1,100 Miles - Exterior 003 - Side

This 2020 Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition is being auctioned off at Bring a Trailer, and it’s one of the nicer examples we’ve seen in some time, largely due to the fact that it has just 1,100 miles on the clock. It’s one of just 150 units built for the 2020 model year as well, though it isn’t flawless. In fact, the Crystal Chroma Blue Metallic is marred by a couple of small dents, and the one window trim piece is misaligned.

2020 Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition With 1,100 Miles - Engine Bay 001

Regardless, the Alpine Venetian leather interior is in fantastic condition and loaded with the finest amenities, including 30-way power-adjustable front seats with heat, ventilation, and massage features, coupled with the 19-speaker Revel Ultima sound system and tri-zone automatic climate control, not to mention a bevy of other luxuries. Power comes from the twin-turbocharged 3.0L V6 EcoBoost engine, which was rated to send 400 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque to all four wheels via a six-speed automatic transmission.

2020 Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition With 1,100 Miles - Exterior 002 - Rear Three Quarters

Given its low production total, it’s no surprise that we don’t see very many Continental Coach Door Edition models pop up for sale, though there have been a couple over the past few months. Along with this stellar example, that list includes a white 2019 model with 8k miles, as well as a very nice 2020 finished in Infiniti Black.

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  1. JE

    The last true Lincoln.
    Today, with an incomplete lineup of only boring SUV’s and crossovers Lincoln is nothing but a vulgar joke that has absolutely nothing to do against the brands it intends to compete.

    1. Tigger

      To boot, Lincoln’s best selling vehicle is built in China. So much for an “American” luxury brand.

  2. Bruce Holberg

    Lincoln will follow the same path as Mercury. They just don’t compete against what is out there in terms of quality and prestige. Sad, but true

  3. Ken

    Rebadging Fords and raising the price does not make a Lincoln. Style and colors with chrome. Why is that so difficult for Lincoln

  4. William J. Offutt jr.

    I had a 2005 Lincoln Town Car-Limited . It was a great riding car , but Ford did a very poor job in matching the technology that was available in other competitive vehicles . The Present 2016 Ford Flex-SEL is a safer, better built, dependable auto with Synch 3 Navigation , curtain bangs, side bags , anti sway controls, 4500 lb. towing with extra cooling . This vehicle was lower costs than the Lincoln . Why didn’t Lincoln build this type of vehicle ?

    1. Ummm


  5. Bernard Turner

    The CEO and all the current board members of the Ford Motor Company should be Fired.
    They don’t build beautiful cars any longer. I have been buying ford cars since 1971. They use to build beautiful Fords and Lincoln’s. Now all they make is Pick up trucks and crappy SUV’s.
    When you build real Cars (Sedans) in America let me know.

  6. Cigna

    Failure Farley will be remembered as the (fake) CEO who sank Lincoln. Ford needs a CEO who can revive the brand. Donald Peterson, please come back.


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