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2024 Ford Capri EV Revealed As New Sports Coupe For Europe

We’ve known for some time now that The Blue Oval was working on a second all-electric crossover riding on Volkswagen’s MEB platform for the European market following the debut of the first – the Ford Explorer EV – months ago. That Explorer EV has since entered mass production, and in the meantime, rumors surfaced that its twin would resurrect the Capri nameplate, too. That was seemingly confirmed not just once, but twice over the past couple of weeks by FoMoCo itself, and now, the all-new 2024 Ford Capri EV has officially been revealed.

From the start, The Blue Oval made it clear that the Ford Capri EV was intended to be the sportier of its MEB twins, and that’s clearly the case on the outside, where the new model has a fastback-like design. In fact, Ford refers to the new Capri EV as a “sports coupe,” which is an interesting way of describing it, but it does bear some resemblance to the defunct model that shares its name, with four distinct headlights and a “grille” in between them. Customers can choose between a handful of wheel options as well, including 19-, 20-,and 21-inch units.

Inside, the Ford Capri EV features seating for five with a wraparound cockpit, sports seats with integrated headrests, heated and massaging seats as standard, and a sound bar on top of the dash. Premium trimmed models get ambient lighting and a 10-speaker B&O sound system, plus a hands-free tailgate, though perhaps the niftiest feature present here is a sliding 14.6-inch touchscreen running Sync Move, which enables users to position it perfectly based on their own preference. Behind the screen is a cool “Private Locker” that can keep items stored out of sight, too.

In terms of mechanicals, customers will have two configurations to choose from at launch – a rear-wheel drive model that churns out 286 PS (282 horsepower) and delivers up to 627 kilometers (390 miles) of range on the European WLTP cycle, or an all-wheel drive example with 340 PS (335 horsepower) and 592 kilometers of range (368 miles). The base model can do 0-62 mph in 6.4 seconds and charge from 10-80 percent in 28 minutes using a 135 kW DC fast charger, while the latter does 0-62 mph in 5.3 seconds and can add the same amount of charge in 26 minutes using a 185 kW DC fast charger.

For now at least, the automaker hasn’t provided any pricing or a launch date for the new Ford Capri EV, so we’ll have to wait a bit longer for that information. However, it’s also unclear what the automaker’s EV ambitions in Europe are beyond it and the Explorer EV. FoMoCo is looking at a variety of options, including bringing back small cars and potentially using its own low-cost platform. For now, at least, Ford has ditched its goal of transitioning to a pure EV passenger vehicle lineup in Europe by 2030, and plans to offer gas and hybrid-powered models for years to come.

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  1. Z71_surgeon

    That actually looks great. If it’s under $40k it should be a hit too. Now bring it and a hybrid version to the US…

  2. SCEcoBoost

    Shame it’s a coupe crossover because those things just don’t sell well in the US. But Europeans go crazy for them (why is beyond me).

    1. Ian

      Trust me ,in Europe we don’t , we hate the darn things as well , give me a v8 mustang any day , we in Europe especially in the U.K. that we have all been sold down the river with them so don’t worry no one in the U.K. by this crap only the green parade and they haven’t got a clue ,just more money than sense , the Volkswagen drivers are worst , all up there own wot sits lol

  3. HasPic

    Ford makes me sad.

    Not that the rest of the automotive world is much better. We should have great cars in this day, not knee deep in a new, worse malaise era.

  4. Bruce Holberg

    Ho hum. Grille and rounded quarter panel window are reminiscent of a Capri, but that’s about it. A bland EV because they need EVs in Europe.

    1. Drew Ford Retiree

      It is not a Capri. It is not a coupe. A Cortina, maybe.

  5. Marco G

    Shades of Volvo’s initial coupe’-cross.

  6. JE

    That atrocity is not a sports coupe. Like the Mach-e which is NOT a Mustang, this make believe Capri is NOT Capri. It´s just another boring SUV with Capri emblems no matter what Ford intends us to believe. Ford shouldn´t resurect iconic names if it´s going to produce nonsense like this. Better leave those names in peace.

  7. Jim Elsasser

    Another boring SUV from Ford. Whoopee Do

  8. Ian

    Oh great! Another block on 4 wheels with a battery ,another boring electric car with nil character, will never live up to its name sake , my 1987 Capri will out live this piece of unwanted crap ,wouldn’t touch any electric car with a barge pole, come on ford bring back cars people actually want !!!!!

  9. Ian

    Can’t wait to see Ford mess up the fiesta lol

  10. bdizzlefizzle

    Is no one going to say that this looks 90% the same as a Polestar 2? It does.

    1. Njia

      Polestar’s CEO said exactly that.

  11. Ford Owner

    All you naysayers csnnot avoid the fact that Fotd owns the Capri and Mustang names, so they can define whatever they want ad a Capri or Mustang. And you are envious of this because you cannot afford any of them.

  12. Dwayne D

    All marketing no engineering. You can slap any name on a ev hoping to fool people. Why build a vehicle that is worst for the environment. Let the truth out. Worst for the environment then replace the battery then much worst.

  13. LB

    Why only EV ?


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