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2025 Ford Escape Ditches Spare For Tire Inflator Kit

Back in late 2020, the 2021 Ford Escape lost its spare tire, instead replacing that common part with a Tire Inflator and Sealant Kit as standard equipment on all trim levels. However, for those that prefer to have a spare tire on board, it remained an option on all series of the crossover. Then, as part of the model’s mid-cycle refresh for the 2023 model year, the Ford Escape added a mini spare, while the inflator/sealant kit was discontinued. However, the 2025 Ford Escape has once again reverted in the other direction, it seems.

The 2025 Ford Escape has ditched its spare yet again – at least in non-hybrid models – which no longer come with that part as standard equipment, and instead, have gone back to the old Tire Inflator and Sealant Kit. The spare tire is at least available as an option for models equipped with the 1.5L I-3 EcoBoost and 2.0L I-4 EcoBoost engines, however, and it’s still standard equipment on hybrid models as well.

This isn’t the only change present in the 2025 Ford Escape lineup, however. As Ford Authority recently reported, the small crossover is also ditching ambient lighting that was previously included as standard equipment on the ST-Line Elite and Platinum trim levels for the 2024 model year. Additionally, the 2025 ST-Line and ST-Select are also ditching their monochromatic painted bodyside cladding, rocker panels, and bumpers in favor of molded-in-color components, though the ST-Line Elite does retain them.

2023 Ford Escape

The 2025 Ford Escape is losing its aluminum foot pedals that were previously present on the ST-Line, but are no longer included in the latest model. All 2025 Ford Escape ST-Line models are ditching the aluminum foot pedals, which were previously included as standard equipment on all ST-Line trims – the ST-Line, ST-Line Select, and ST-Line Elite. In addition to these updates, the 2025 Ford Escape is also gaining one new exterior color option as well – Space Silver Metallic – which is a no-cost option on all trims and one of six hues available for the new model year.

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  1. Boomer

    YA….. That’ll work real Good on a Tire that won’t hold AIR???????? Idiot’s, Just Pure Stupidity at its VERY BEST. These must be the Engineers That Put the Starter Motor “UNDER THE INTAKE MANIFOLD”???? Or….The Timing Chain / Gears / Phasers at the REAR OF THE ENGINE Against the Fire Wall Requiring the Engine to be Pulled for Servicing???? OR, There FRONT DIFFERENTIAL COVER Right Up Against the POWER STEERING Rack so ya Can’t properly service the Diffy???? And Lastly…… Put the FUEL PUMP “INSIDE THE FUEL TANK”???? Good Lord Folks, Let’s start Using our Heads….. Go Back to the K I S S Method, Maybe having a HARVARD DEGREE don’t Allow that???

    1. Nate

      I haven’t seen a vehicle with the fuel pump not inside the tank since an early 80s Skylark with a carburetor.
      Otherwise, I’m going to assume you have some good piints..
      They’ve done so much to make this thing seem cheaper and cheaper over the years.

  2. SCEcoBoost

    Disgusting. BUT, can’t we just have ONE article which discusses all of these Escape deletions rather than one every day talking about ONE deletion?


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