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2025 Ford Escape Drops Ambient Lighting

The Ford Escape was treated to a fairly comprehensive refresh for the 2023 model year, one that included a new, edgier look on the outside, along with some notable tech updates, a reshuffling of the trim level lineup, and various other changes. Thus, the 2024 model year brought forth just a few minor changes for the popular crossover, and 2025 is thus far shaping up to be more of the same – though there is one new deletion present in the 2025 Ford Escape that’s worth taking notice of.

That deletion is ambient lighting, which was previously included as standard equipment on the ST-Line Elite and Platinum trim levels for the 2024 model year. This particular deletion isn’t the only one present on the 2025 Ford Escape, however, as we’re also seeing a few others for the new model year. As Ford Authority previously reported, the 2025 ST-Line and ST-Select are also ditching their monochromatic painted bodyside cladding, rocker panels, and bumpers in favor of molded-in-color components, though the ST-Line Elite does retain them. Regardless, the ST-Line series still sports its unique grille, skid plate, and 18-inch wheels for the new year, at least.

Additionally, the 2025 Ford Escape is losing its aluminum foot pedals that were previously present on the ST-Line, but are no longer included in the latest model. All 2025 Ford Escape ST-Line models are ditching the aluminum foot pedals, which were previously included as standard equipment on all ST-Line trims – the ST-Line, ST-Line Select, and ST-Line Elite. In addition to these updates, the 2025 Ford Escape is also gaining one new exterior color option as well – Space Silver Metallic – which is a no-cost option on all trims and one of six hues available for the new model year.

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  1. SCEcoBoost

    With all this decontenting, it’ll be laughed at into oblivion faster than you can say “Escape”.

    1. Mortimer Duke

      Much agreed. Trying to cheap their way to prosperity.

    2. Barry

      Hey, but they added a new exterior color …

  2. Michael K

    This is why God made Lincoln…I guess.

  3. Ronald

    We the customer like ambient lighting. I hope they at least make it an accessory that can be added by the dealership

  4. GaryZ26

    I wouldn’t buy a vehicle without ambient lighting. Living in the great white north where winters are long and the days are more dark than light I appreciate good lighting. As for a new colour … another shade of silver ?, wow !, as if there aren’t enough vehicles manufactured in that shade of, yawn, grey. Why not something other than black, white or 50 shades of grey for pete sake?

  5. Mick

    Just another of the numerous reasons not to buy a product from this once great auto manufacturer. It certainly has turned into a “bottom feeder”, what a shame.

  6. Len

    My observation is that all of the great companies that go under follow the same path. Big salaries for the top, massively expensive outlays of cash for special projects by and mergers, followed by cuts in the products and services that made them great in the first place. Ford is following the path. Instead of investing in making premium products that everyone wants, they focus on degrading the product… to cost cut their way to profitability. Which never works.

  7. MattinDC

    I bought the platinum trim specifically because I wanted the ambient lighting. It adds a little sophistication. If they are hell bent pinching pennies, why not just get rid of the heads up display? That thing is basically useless. I only turn it on to impress friends.


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