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2025 Ford Maverick Lariat ‘Sport’ Model Spotted: Photos

As Ford Authority has covered extensively over the past several months, the 2025 Ford Maverick is set to undergo a mid-cycle refresh following its debut for the 2022 model year, one that will usher in a series of notable changes for the popular compact pickup. Thus far, we’ve gotten a good look at most of those changes – including some slight exterior styling revisions and interior updates – but perhaps the most interesting is the one we’re once again looking at here.

Recently, Ford Authority spotted this 2025 Ford Maverick Lariat “sport” model out testing, which is actually the second time we’ve come across such a spec. Back in May, Ford Authority spotted the exact same pickup – albeit finished in blue, rather than black as seen here – and now, we’re getting another look at what could be a performance-focused model, or simply some sort of appearance package. At the moment, it’s unclear which is the case, but both pickups are wearing Lariat badges, at least.

Both of these sporty 2025 Ford Maverick prototypes feature a completely revised front end design with new headlights, a grille with vertical slats, and an updated Blue Oval badge. There’s also a chunky bumper present underneath that incorporates fog lamps, as well as large openings that seem designed to pump more air into the engine bay. Moving down the sides, we can see body-color painted ground effects, coupled with some very unique black-painted wheels that seem to be inspired by vintage motorsports “turbofan” units, and culminates with a body-color-painted rear bumper.

In addition to these sporty variants, Ford Authority has spotted a number of 2025 Ford Maverick prototypes out testing recently as well, which reveal some more conventional exterior styling updates, all while previewing the addition of new colors, the return of the Black Appearance Package, the potential arrival of an all-wheel drive hybrid option, and a new, larger infotainment screen inside the cabin.

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  1. Mrx19

    Very nice refresh. Front end much cleaner than the current model.

  2. Shelbykl

    Thats one ugly and cheap looking front end. Its needs a real bumper not some cheap pieace of plastic stuck on the front. They made the old Maverick look good now and it really was not the best looking Ford before.

    1. Scott

      … couldn’t agree with you more!!

    2. Rob

      Don’t know where Ford gets there design people but it’s time to clean house and start again

  3. Scott

    …. I can’t decide which is worse: the front grill on the Bronco Sport,
    or the front grill on the “Maverick” pickup. (course wheels on both
    are pretty hideous, as well!”.

    1. Rob

      Not much effort put into the design

  4. Robert jung

    kind of looks like the cheap jeep that they discontinued,should have added fog/driving lights to current model along with hood struts and tailgate snubber,and get rid of ugly steel wheels on xl added painted mirrors 360 camara and push button start on all models and wireless car play AND BUILD AND DELIEVER SOLD UNITS got my 23 /24 ordered in oct 22 in june 24 and did nor recieve any price protection only 4,000 price increase and how about plug in and larger battery HAY DEARBORN YOU RESPONDING TO CUSTOMERS

  5. Scott

    Awesome refresh! When can I order one?!

  6. A Goat

    All I can say is im glad I ordered my 2024 mav. Those wheels look stupid and that grill sucks.

  7. Parker

    I like the grill and glad you added the fog lights. The wheels has to go, but I do want black wheels.Will be ordering the 2025 lariat Tremor.

  8. doug

    I reckon they are covers on the wheels, to hide what they really look like underneath.

  9. Rob

    Wow that’s an ugly front end/grill design
    Wake up Ford
    You must be able to put a small amount of effort into this

    1. Lurch

      Yes, that grille looks like the generic kind on Chinese or Eastern European SUVs.

  10. Brad Barefoot

    You’ve again not address the issue of making the cargo box water tight. The current tonneau covers won’t keep things dry. The Ranger, F150 etc, the cargo box is water tight and doesn’t leak. This fact caused me to look at your competition … like the Hyundai Santa Cruz, it’s cover is water tight. Ford, the clock is ticking … rumor mill says the new Chevy Montana will arrive as a ’26 model and GM knows the tonneau cover for it being water tight is a must have.

  11. Jason

    What are the chances of this being a hot rod version of the Maverick, an ST with the 3.0 or 2.7 Eco boast would be awesome.

  12. D

    That’s one on the worst refreshes yet for a Ford vehicle. That front end is horrid and completely sloppy. It loses all the quirkiness that it had. The last-minute add-on piece below the grille looks like a bandaid. The headlamps are terrible and very boring. The rear lamps still don’t get amber signals. Ford needs to clean house and get new designers.

  13. Jaylarva

    The bronco sport lights/grill would have been a welcome direction to take. That weird plastic piece that is added under the headlights and connecting across under the grill looks like a really cheap aftermarket glue on part. I’ve been waiting to purchase for an AWD hybrid or plugin hybrid Maverick, guess that will have to hopefully be the next generation, sighs.


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