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Ford Capri EV Teaser Shows Man Trying To Charge Coupe: Video

For years now, we’ve known that Ford intends to sell two all-electric crossovers in Europe underpinned by Volkswagen’s MEB platform, one of which is the all-new Ford Explorer EV. However, while the Explorer EV is already in production, the second, “sport crossover” model has yet to be revealed, though the automaker has been ramping up its teasers as of late, giving us a sneak preview as to what we can expect. Now, the latest such teaser seems to once again confirm that this future model will indeed be called the Ford Capri EV, and it does so in a humorous way.

Recently posted to X, this short video shows a man at an EV charging station in his vintage Capri, which he then attempts to charge. Of course, this isn’t possible given the fact that this is an older ICE model, but the writing is quite literally on the wall – er, car, as well as the ground underneath it. On the rear glass, we can see script reading “The Legend Is Back 10.07.24,” signaling that we can in fact expect to see the new Ford Capri EV in its entirety in just a couple of days – on July 10th.

Rumors that Ford intended to revive the Capri name first surfaced back in March of last year, which would be just the latest example of the automaker applying a well-known nameplate to a new model. Then, that rumor was seemingly confirmed late last month via another teaser, which also included a couple of closeup images of the all-electric crossover.

Ford Capri EV Teaser - Exterior 001 - Rear Three Quarters

With Ford’s goal of electrifying its entire European lineup by 2030 now history – and the automaker planning to continue to sell gas and hybrid vehicles there for the foreseeable future – it’s unclear if the Explorer EV and Capri EV will be joined by any other pure electric models anytime soon, however.

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  1. JE

    ¿The kegend is back? Like with the Mach-e now Ford puts Capri badges to a boring SUV and wants us to believe that atrocity is a Capri. The same way the Mach-e is NOT a Mustang, a boring SUV with Capri badges is NOT a Capri.

    1. Ford Owner

      What is a “kegend”?

  2. Michael

    10.07.24 means the announcement is just two days away (not months away) if going by the British way of writing down dates.

  3. N

    Why are they using the MM/DD/YY format instead of the DD/MM/YY used in Europe??

    1. SCEcoBoost

      They aren’t. July 10, 2024 is 10.07.24 to them.

    2. ViperACR

      The same reason they drive on the wrong side of the road.

  4. Ian

    Another load of electric crap that no one will buy and into bed with volkswagen , what a joke !,,,,

  5. Materialman

    As a former Capri owner, this seems like a bad idea.


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