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Ford V8 Coffee Table Up For Auction

For the most part, collector car auction sites tend to focus on precisely that – collectible automobiles, or those built in larger quantities that are in nicer condition with lower miles, making them somewhat compelling to different types of people. However, from time to time, we also come across some pretty cool Ford related memorabilia listed for sale via online collector car sites, too. Now, that has happened yet again, this time, with a nice Ford V8 coffee table.

2006 Saleen Mustang Ford V8 Coffee Table

This Ford V8 coffee table is currently up for grabs at Bring a Trailer, and it was just put together earlier this year by the seller. They used parts from a 2006 Ford Mustang Saleen model to construct it, including essentially the entire engine – with an aluminum block, a Saleen-branded supercharger, Saleen valve covers, and belts and pulleys. The powerplant sits smack in the middle of the table, leaving space around it to set things like drinks and snacks.

2006 Saleen Mustang Ford V8 Coffee Table

As for that tabletop, it’s made from 3/4 inch-thick tempered-glass measuring around 60 inches long, 55 inches wide, and 15 inches above the floor in terms of height. The 90-pound piece features metal feet for support, and the engine spans 29 inches in height and adds another 400 pounds to the mix – though it’s supported by casters placed underneath the block.

2006 Saleen Mustang Ford V8 Coffee Table

Interestingly, this isn’t the first Ford V8 engine-related display piece that we’ve seen up for auction in recent months, either. In fact, back in November 2022, a supercharged 5.4L V8 engine from the 2005-2006 Ford GT surfaced for sale in its own display case, and it was followed by a Ford NASCAR V8 coffee table that popped up at auction just over a year ago – one that looks a lot like this new Saleen coffee table, in fact.

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