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FordPass Rewards Points Expiration Policy Altered

The FordPass rewards points program has changed quite a bit in recent years, most recently being treated to a rather substantial overhaul for 2024. Those changes were intended to make it easier to advance up through the tiers by calculating Tier Activities rather than Milestones. Users now only have to complete those Tier Activities to move up through the ranks, at which point they’ll enjoy enhanced benefits. FordPass members start out at the Bronze level, and each activity they complete adds one Tier Activity to their total, helping them move up toward Silver and Blue status. However, now, the FordPass rewards program is receiving another notable update.

That update is a change in terms of when, exactly, FordPass rewards points expire. Previously, users had 24 months to use those points before they expired if they have earned any additional points, completed a Tier Activity, or redeemed points. Starting October 1st, 2024, that term will be shortened to 18 months, albeit only for users that don’t also have a FordPass Rewards Visa credit card. Points balance expiration is calculated based on the date of the last points earned, redeemed, or Tier Activity as determined by Ford, not the day the transaction is reflected in a member’s FordPass rewards account.

The FordPass Rewards Visa originally launched in 2020 with a series of unique benefits to offer, including everyday special financing, reduced cost of ownership via Points redeemable toward vehicle sales and service at Ford dealerships, member-exclusive benefits, and Ford-focused card customization options.

In addition to being able to now redeem FordPass rewards points online, users can also move up to higher Tiers by purchasing or leasing a new Ford vehicle, buying a Ford Blue Advantage vehicle (the automaker’s certified pre-owned program), purchasing a Ford accessory from the company’s official site, obtaining service on their vehicle at a Ford dealer, or purchasing an eligible Ford Protect Extended Service Plan.

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  1. StarLord

    What a joke Ford Pass Rewards Points are.

    I had all my points taken away from me just after I bought my 2019 Expedition. All 42000 of them. And neither Ford nor the dealer can tell my where they went. But even if I still had them they are only worth like what $100 now?

    But it is sure a great scam to make you think you are really getting a benefit.

    18 months? Ford expired my 42000 points after 3 months and nobody knows what happened to them.

    Apparently cars aren’t the only thing they have a record of recalling.

  2. carl

    Hard to believe what the previous poster is saying. We signed up for Ford Pass Visa when we got our 2021 Mustang Mach 1 and have had great success. During the last oil change, the dealer told me we have over $689.00 available. Time to buy some new tires for my wife’s ’06 Mustang GT.
    Also, this card earns points/dollars faster than any other card that I have seen, especially if used at a Ford dealer. And, we have had enough points/dollars for free oil changes since 2021 on 4 Ford vehicles.

  3. Richard

    All my points disappeared too. Spent nearly $80,000 on a pickup and never got a damn thing out of the FordPass program.

  4. Jay

    I have 126,000 points since 2022 and have no intention of using them.
    FordPass sucks out loud with the latest “update”. It’s useless.


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