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UK Thieves Targeting Ford Fiesta Amid Growing Crime Spree

In recent years, automotive theft has soared to new record highs, largely driven by rapidly rising vehicle values, not to mention the pricey parts that they’re equipped with. This phenomenon isn’t just related to the U.S., either, as other parts of the world – including Europe and the UK – are also dealing with a rapid rise in automotive thefts, too. Now, thieves in the UK, specifically, are targeting the Ford Fiesta more than ever before, leading to a rash of recent crimes that prompted police to issue a warning to those that own this specific model.

According to The Press and Journal, more than a dozen Ford Fiesta models have been stolen in the northeastern part of Scotland alone over the first part of 2024 thus far, a trend largely driven by increased demand for parts. Thieves are reportedly gaining access to the vehicles’ keyless entry systems via relay theft methods, and in some cases, are simply ripping off the door handles. Things have gotten so bad that some Ford Fiesta owners are resorting to installing immobilizers and other types of security systems in their vehicles as well.

Regardless, thieves don’t seem to care, nor have they even been bothered by things like security cameras. “I saw them walking away from my car holding toilet rolls they had removed from it, laughing, and turning around to give the camera the middle finger,” said Racheal, a Ford Fiesta owner who was targeted by thieves recently, though thanks to a low fuel level in the car, they didn’t bother to take it. “They couldn’t take my car, so they took the toilet rolls to spite me. I couldn’t believe how low these people could go – so disrespectful.”

With automotive thefts soaring to new levels in 2023 – amid no signs that things will change for the better – this is a problem that many are familiar with, and we aren’t just talking about individual owners. In fact, Ford has dealt with its own rash of thefts that have occurred at various storage lots over the past couple of years, and even dealers are experiencing an uptick in thefts – both of vehicles and individual parts like wheels and tires.

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