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Unofficial 2022-24 Ford Maverick Kit Brings Sync 4 To Pickup

In recent years, automakers have been busy stuffing larger and larger infotainment screens – running more modern software – into pretty much everything. Unfortunately for those that own older models, this typically means that they’re left with something a bit outdated, which will soon likely be the case with the relatively new Ford Maverick as well. However, those that own a current Ford Maverick can now upgrade to a larger screen and Sync 4 software as well, thanks to a new aftermarket offering.

2021-2024 Ford Maverick 13.2-Inch Screen Sync 4 Conversion Kit

A company called Fordsync4 is now offering Ford Maverick owners a complete conversion kit that upgrades their existing eight-inch screen to the 13.2-inch unit, in fact, one that’s running Sync 4 and includes wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functionality. The kit consists of OEM parts and also comes with a one-year warranty, all for the price of $2,999.

This certainly isn’t the first time we’ve seen upgrade kits for older Ford vehicles, as many are already on the market – including some that allow owners of MyFord Touch (Sync 2) equipped vehicles to get Sync 3 units in a wide variety of models including the Ford F-150, Ford Super Duty, C-Max, Ford Edge, Ford Escape, Ford Expedition, Ford Explorer, Ford Fiesta, Ford Flex, Ford Focus, Ford Fusion, Ford Mustang, Taurus, Ford Transit, Transit Connect, Lincoln MKC, MKS, Lincoln MKT, MKX, MKZ, and Lincoln Navigator.

2021-2024 Ford Maverick 13.2-Inch Screen Sync 4 Conversion Kit

This upgrade also lets current Ford Maverick owners get ahead of the 2025 model year refresh for the compact pickup, which is expected to add the 13.2-inch screen as part of its forthcoming updates. In fact, Ford Authority spotted a 2025 Maverick prototype equipped with this same screen back in March, though it’s currently unclear if all models will offer the new, larger unit, or if lower trims will soldier on with the smaller eight-inch screen.

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  1. David Null

    For $3000 I want knobs on my stereo.

    1. Steve Austin

      The knobs are below it, home slice

  2. Aj

    Damn I want it but 3,000 is a lil crazy

    1. Tis Eye

      Isn’t the company FordSync4 not a part of Ford? If so, you’re blaming the wrong people. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  3. John

    Greedy price for sure. What they don’t mention is that you will NEVER get a software update for it as Ford releases them based off the VIN. Any upgraded Ford from Sync 3 will never show as having Sync 4 in the Ford database so it will never get an update. Your stuck with what you get.

  4. William

    Even a $1000 dollar’s is much but would probably get more purchases from consumers but $3000 is a little money Hungary on Fords part. Come on Ford what about the customers that keep your lights on?

  5. wjtinfwb

    I’d have to agree that 3 grand to upgrade a 22-26k truck seems quite rich. As much as I’d like the larger screen and better functionality, no way am I spending 3k to do it.

  6. mary

    Dont need my 2022 hybrid to have a bigger screen. I need it to start everytime !!! After 2 batterys in 2 weeks she is back at the Ford dealer again after 1 day idle, bricked again. Drove it with out anything on but the radio, no lights no AC for 2 hrs sunday and now she is dead again. Come on Ford do better!!!

  7. Dez

    …and the price has already increased to $3999.

  8. UrbnMtnMoto

    $3k for a screen in a truck that cost me $26k is absurd.. Imagine paying like $9k for an “updated” non-oem, likely warranty voiding screen in an F-150.

    As far as the “never get an update, stuck with what you get” comment goes, I’d really hope that the aftermarket manufacturer offers periodic aftermarket updates for that price..

    Guess I’ll have to keep my tiny screen for now. Sad.

  9. Blackbelt

    Price is crack pipe stupid. No thanks.


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