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Ford Cyclone Engine Family

The Ford Cyclone engine family, or also know internally as Duratec, is a sub-category of naturally aspirated V6 engines produced by Ford Motor.  The family succeeds Ford’s previous V6 engine families, including the Ford Essex, the Ford Vulcan, the original Duratec V6, and the Ford Cologne.

The Cyclone family is comprised of three displacement variations utilizing a V-shaped configuration. Total number of cylinders is six, with a dual overhead cam setup (DOHC) and maximum displacement capacities of up to 4.0 liters. While all Cyclone engines are atmospheric, the 3.5-liter variant was used as the basis for the Ford 3.5L EcoBoost engine. A Hybrid variant of the Ford 3.3L Duratec 33 engine is also used to power the 2020 Ford Explorer.

This page shows information about the Ford Cyclone family of engines.

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