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Ford Motor Company Silverton Assembly Plant – Pretoria, South Africa

The Ford Motor Company Silverton assembly plant is a sub-division of the South African Motor Corporation, more commonly known as Samcor. Samcor was the result of a merger between Ford Motor Company of Canada’s South African subsidiary and the Sigma automotive corporation. While the merger happened in 1985, the Silverton assembly plant has been operational since 1967 under Chrysler ownership.

The plant is located in an industrial area on the outskirts of Silverton, the eastern suburb of Pretoria, with is the capital city of South Africa. The Silverton assembly plant currently overseas the production of the Ford Ranger as well as the Mazda BT-50 midsize pickup trucks.

This page shows information about the Ford Motor Company Silverton assembly plant.

Quick Facts

Year opened1967 (1985 under Ford)
Facility size1,689,320 square feet (156,942 m2)
Land occupied279 acres
LocationSimon Vermooten Road, Silverton, Pretoria East, Pretoria, South Africa
Hourly employeesTBA
Salaried employeesTBA
Total employees4,310


VehiclesProduction Years
Ford Ranger2011 - present
Mazda BT-502006 - present

Historical Timeline

  • 1961: The Silverton plant is built for Chrysler. Early models assembled there include the Chrysler Valiant and the Peugeot 504.
  • 1985: merger is created between the Ford Motor Company of Canada’s South African subsidiary and Sigma (previously known as Amcar – American Motors Corporation), creating the South African Motor Corporation (Samcor).
  • 1994: Ford (USA) buys a 45 per cent stake in Samcor. In 1998, it purchases the remaining share, renaming the company Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa.
  • 2015: Samcor, now under complete Ford ownership, closes all of its assembly plants and transfers all of its manufacturing activities to the Silverton assembly plant.


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