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Ford Motor Company Dagenham Engine Plant – Dagenham, Essex, UK

The Ford Motor Company Dagenham Engine plant, also known as Ford Dagenham, is a major automobile manufacturing facility located in the Dagenham suburban district of London, England.

Operating since 1931, the Ford Dagenham complex assembled a wide variety of Ford vehicles and engines throughout its rich history. During its lifespan, the facility has produced more than 10,000,000 vehicles and approximately 40,000,000 engines destined to British, European and global markets.

While vehicle assembly ceased in 2002, the Ford Motor Company Dagenham Engine plant maintains an annual engine production capacity of approximately 1 million units a year, allowing it to rank as the largest producer of Ford diesel engines worldwide. It currently oversees the production of the Ford 1.4L/1.6L Duratorq Tiger, Ford 1.5L Duratorq and Ford 1.8L Duratorq Lynx engines.

This page shows information about the Ford Motor Company Dagenham Engine plant.

Quick Facts

Year opened1931
Facility size1,937,503 (179,999 m2)
Land occupied44 acres
LocationDagenham RM9 6SA, United Kingdom
Hourly employeesN/A
Salaried employeesN/A
Total employees1,830


EnginesProduction Years
1.4L Duratorq Tiger2000 - 2006
1.5L Duratorq2012 - present
1.6L Duratorq Tiger2000 - present
1.8L Duratorq Lynx2001 - present

Historical Timeline

  • 1931: the first vehicle, a Ford AA van, rolls out of the Dagenham plant. However, due to the depressed British economy, production is off to a slow start.
  • 1937: with the economy recovered, the facility has produced a total of 37,000 vehicles since it first opened.
  • 1952: Ford Motor acquires the Briggs Motor Bodies company, the UK’s main automotive body supplier.
  • 1959: a £75 million plant redevelopment project expands floor space by 50% and doubles production capacity. An in-house car body shop is also added to the facility.
  • 1967: Ford Motor merges with competing British, German brands as well as Ford of Ireland subsidiaries, leading to the creation of Ford or Europe in Cork, Ireland.
  • 1971: a union strike causes the Dagenham plant to shut down for three months, severely affecting the availability of the new Ford Cortina Mk IV.
  • 2002: the only Ford vehicle produced at the Dagenham plant, the Ford Fiesta, ceases production. Assembly carries on in Spain. The Dagenham plant focuses its operations on the assembly of diesel engines.
  • 2004: the Dagenham wind turbines are produced at the facility.
  • 2012: Ford announces that Dagenham’s stamping activities will cease its operations the following year, leading to 1,000 lost jobs.


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