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Ford Motor Company Lima Engine Plant – Lima, Ohio, USA

The Ford Motor Company Lima Engine plant, also known simply as Lima Engine, is an automobile engine plant located in Lima, Ohio, USA.

The facility first opened in 1957 when it oversaw production of the the Ford MEL V8 engine destined for the Edsel car. Over the years, Lima manufactured the Ford Vulcan V6 engine, the Ford 3.9-liter V8 destined for the the Ford Thunderbird and Lincoln LS, as well as crankshafts for the Ford 3.0L Duratec 30 engine.  Today, the facility manufactures the Ford 2.7L EcoBoost Nano, the Ford 3.5L Duratec 35 and the Ford 3.7L Duratec 37 engines.

The Ford Motor Company Lima Engine plant has assembled nearly 36 million engines since production began back in 1957. The facility, which currently employs approximately 1,600 workers, supplies other Ford plants located in Atlanta, Chicago, Cleveland, Edison, New Jersey and Wixom, Michigan.

Furthermore, Lima Engine has received numerous awards from Ford management for its outstanding quality, notably two awards given out from the West Central Ohio Safety Council in 2002 for its noteworthy safety record.

This page shows information about the Ford Motor Company Lima Engine plant.

Quick Facts

Year opened1957
Facility size2,424,360 square feet (225,230 m2)
Land occupied312 acres
Location1155 Bible Rd, Lima, OH 45801, United States
Hourly employees1,380
Salaried employees150
Total employees1,530


EnginesProduction Years
Ford 3.5L Duratec 352006 - present
Ford 3.7L Duratec 372008 - present
Ford 2.7L EcoBoost Nano2015- present

Historical Timeline

  • 1957: Production of the Ford MEL V8 engine, destined for the Edsel car, begins.
  • 1968: Production of the Ford 385 big block V8 engine begines.
  • 1974: Production of the naturally aspirated Ford “Lima” OHC 2.0L and turbocharged 2.3L and 2.5L four cylinder engines, destined for vehicles like the Ford Mustang and Ford Thunderbird, begins.
  • 1983: Production of the 2.3L and 2.5L four-cylinder engines, destined for the Ford Tempo and Mercury Topaz, begins.
  • 2002: The Lima engine plant reaches a yearly production milestone of 500,000 engines, with an average capacity of 2,500 per day. The facility receives two awards for its safety record from the West Central Ohio Safety Council.
  • 2006: Production of the Ford 3.5L Duratec 35 engine begins.
  • 2008: Production of the Ford 3.7L Duratec 37 engine begins.
  • 2015: Ford invests US $500 million for the plant’s retooling. Production of the Ford 2.7L EcoBoost Nano engine begins.


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